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Aston Villa Still Unbeaten - Have The Lynch Blogs Got It Wrong?

After the first seven games of the 2011 campaign Aston Villa remain unbeaten but yet the Lynch blogs are still not satisfied. They cite that Villa have yet to play any of the top teams and are incredulous of any true supporter that has the audacity to come out with anything remotely positive about the team they have probably supported since birth.

What fascinates me about this whole scenario that has unfolded since the appointment of Alex McLeish that coincided with the corporate decision to balance the books is the vociferous nature of these supporters and their need to be heard as true supporters of the football club.
Well I looked up the Oxford online dictionary meaning of the word supporter and it read like this:

"a person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular sports team: an Oxford United supporter"

Now the Lynch bloggers try to take the moral high ground by stating they have the long term interests of the football club at heart and this somehow justifies in their minds the trail of negative comments they so like to leave on Aston Villa Blogs.
Now I want success just as much as the next supporter but I am not prepared to start criticising every decision, result, story, player or manager just because I am not happy about the current climate at Villa Park.
Initially I did not like the appointment of Alex McLeish but he is the manager of the football team I support so I will give him the opportunity to demonstrate his managerial abilities can make Aston Villa a better football team.
Results on the pitch will ultimately prove whether McLeish was the right appointment so until a reasonable amount of games have been played I will back the manager and support the team just as any true supporter should do.
Not all Aston Villa blogs are negative, there are some very positive blogs that are very supportive of the team. There are also objective blogs that the virtual Lynch mob infiltrate spouting their hatred of all things Aston Villa under the current regime.
I get the sense of frustration these negative posters are going through because of McLeishs' unbeaten record and I sense that they cannot wait for Villa to be beaten so they can virtually gather together in a harmonious downer on all things Aston Villa.
So next up for Villa is their sternest test so far travelling up the M6 to Manx land where the oil billions of Manchester City will be waiting to try and inflict a first defeat on our proud football club.
If citeh do indeed beat us, I can envisage the Lynch bloggers proudly patting each other on their virtual backs with their 'I told you so's' quickly followed by their repetitive but ultimately unwarranted at this stage, cries for 'McLeish out, Lerner out'.
To win any premiership game is an achievement to be proud of. Sensible managers including SAF take one game at a time and aim to win it. Like him or loathe him McLeish is our manager for the foreseeable future..
Being a villa fan is not an allegiance that can be changed on a whim, it is for life, which is in stark contrast to the current incumbent in the Villa hotseat. McLeish will be in charge as long as a reasonable level of successful results can be maintained and I will support him in his aim to achieve this.
I have never met a Villa fan who celebrates the defeat of his team but I do get the impression that some of these lynch bloggers would happily see Villa lose games so they could revel in McLeishs' demise. They should be careful what they wish for.

We remain unbeaten this season and I can happily revel in the misery of the Aston Villa lynch bloggers as so far they have got it wrong and long may it continue, because that will mean Aston Villa winning premiership games and so making every true Villa fan very very happy, regardless of who is in charge.

Have The Lynch Bloggers Got It Wrong?
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