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Rise through the clouds to enjoy the cool refreshing climate of Genting Highlands
Rise through the clouds to enjoy the cool refreshing climate of Genting Highlands
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Do Spy Malaysia respond to review requests? I am open to requests for reviews for any kind of business or product covered within the categories of this website. Just send your details via the contact request form.

Do I have to register Spy Malaysia to post a review or article?
No, as long as you give your correct e.mail address & it meets our review rules we will publish your review or article.

How long does it take for my article or review to be approved for publication? Usually within 24 hours, we will e.mail you to confirm publication.

Can I publish as many reviews as I want?
There is no limit to how many reviews you publish, as long as you do not repeat the same review or article.

I am the owner of a business, can I publish a review of my business/shop/tourist attraction? Yes, as long as you do not turn it into a blatent advertisement, keep it real & do not over exaggerate. If you over exaggerate readers will see this in your writing & it can have a detrimental effect on your review. We would encourage business owners to come clean & reveal themselves as the owner. This way they can interact with any potential customers who leave any subsequent comments.

Do I need to send accompanying photos with any reviews I write? No, but we do encourage you to post your photos as a picture paints a thousand words & really delivers the message to the reader.
I am a disgruntled former employee, can I write a bad review about my former employer? No, this will not be an objective review, it will be potentially slanderous & you could end up in a court of law for this. If we suspect this we will not publish your review.

Do I have to write positive reviews or can I be critical? Any review you write is your opinion, if you feel a critical review is justified please be objective & fair to who you are reviewing, there are real people with real feelings behind every business or organisation so try to keep your review real & factual.
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