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Legoland Johor

An Interactive Theme Park For A Family Day Out

My four year old son asked where is Legoland mommy? So after many promptings our first trip to this iconic theme park finally became a reality last week. Legoland Malaysia is located in the Nusajaya area of Johor Bahru so we left KL at 7am and after taking one break during the journey we arrived just before 10am.

Miniland is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Legoland. Miniland uses more than 30 million lego bricks where Asian landmarks have been recreated in amazing detail at a scale of 1:20.

Legoland Info

Legoland downtown kl hotels

The Legoland ticket price for 4 people came to a combined cost of RM450 (RM120 for 3 adults, RM90 one child). At 72 acres this is a big theme park so be prepared for a lot of walking, it's divided into seven zones which are:

  1. The Beginning
  2. Lego Technic
  3. Lego Kingdoms
  4. Imagination
  5. Lego City
  6. Land of Adventure
  7. Miniland

Miniland is also an interactive experience where at the touch of a button whole cities can come to life with people talking, transport systems moving and even the sounds of people praying in mosques can be heard.

Here you can find downtown KL recreated in all its glory, they have even included the notorious traffic jams such is their amazing attention to detail.

KLIA, Putrajaya and all the famous KL landmarks have been intricately built in what must have taken many man hours to complete.

Throughout Miniland there are no shaded areas to escape the hot Malaysian sunshine so we found ourselves increasingly rushing around to try to see everything too quickly.Legoland downtown kl hotels

Not satisfied with that most of the famous SE Asian landmarks can also be seen here in miniature and the list will continue to grow as this pro active theme park is actively adding new buildings.

Unfortunately the creativity shown in recreating Asia's most famous buildings has not been matched in their thought process to create an environment where people can take their time to marvel at these wonderful miniatures.

Legoland Malaysia have put countless hours and a lot of creative talent into making a grandiose centrepiece for their theme park without creating a viable outdoor viewing walkway that visitors can be comfortable in. They need to rectify this.

In the Lego Technic area there is an interesting one car roller coaster called Project X. Although it is not the most adrenalin pumping ride as roller coasters go it does have one drop that packs a bit of punch and the screaming riders are a testament to this.

Legoland rollercoaster Over in Lego Kingdom The Dragon is the largest roller coaster ride in the Legoland theme park. Starting inside a large castle this coaster takes you on a journey with many twists and turns and the highest drop of all the rides here.

Legoland dragon roller coaster In Imagination Land there are various challenges with Lego bricks and there is also an observation tower that will give you a good view of the theme park and its surrounding area.

Imagination Land is also home to a 4D cinema complex that runs shows every 45 minutes and I would highly recommend taking time to see the shows here.

The Kids Power Tower is an interactive ride that allows you (from a seated position) to pull yourself up a tower, it is not as difficult as it looks but it is fun to do with the kids.

My favourite activity in the Land Of Adventure was Dino Island where you journey past dinosaurs to the top of Dino Island and then take the Log Flume back down so prepare to get a bit wet.

Still in Lego City, the Shipyard is an adventure playground that the kids can really enjoy while the interactivity of the Lego City stage is an entertaining show where safety becomes fun.

Legoland KLCC The Rescue Academy is another interactive activity where you get to shoot jets of water at your friends by simulating the actions of a fire fighter.

And lastly, the Beginning Zone is really just that, it is immediately after the entrance/exit and this area is where you can find lockers, restrooms, shops and customer services.

Legoland Malaysia have plans to open a water park and a hotel so this already popular resort is still on apath of growth to try to become the ultimate theme park in Malaysia, it is on the right track but they still have work to do if they want to be the best.

Legoland Malaysia is an interactive theme park where all the family can join in the fun.

Legoland Malaysia is good but it is not yet the country's best theme park, its interactive activityapproach and expansion plans should see steady growth but they still have a lot of work to do to become the best theme park in Malaysia.

Legoland Observations

Legoland opened its doors on 15th September 2012 to much publicised acclaim. However this is only the first chapter in their story in Malaysia.

The potential for growth here is huge and as it is slowly realised this theme park will continue to grow and prosper as their grand scheme slowly comes together.

This place is not just for kids because countless adults stand open mouthed at the detailed scale of the replica models.

Legoland Ticket Price Info

  • Malaysian Adult: RM120.00
  • Malaysian Child RM90.OO
  • Malaysian Senior Citizen RM90.OO
  • Foreign Adult: RM140.00
  • Foreign Child: RM110.00
  • Foreign Senior Citizen: RM110.00
  • Car Parking : RM7.00

Legoland Malaysia Location Map

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