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Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Is Sanrio Hello Kitty Town a Branded Shopping Complex or Theme Park

Hello Kitty In Jail

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town has tickets priced to raise expectation of an enjoyable family theme park but the reality was to be brutally frank, a big let down. After my recent visit I came away with the impression that Sanrio just put together some kids rides and entertainment using established brand names from kids TV to justify the Hello Kitty Town ticket price of RM85.

Hello Kitty In Jail

Hello Kitty Gold

This was the highlight of my Hello Kitty experience. The thought of placing all the toy cats in jail brought a brief but immature smile to my face. Well, we can't all be fans and this visit cemented my position firmly in the anti Hello Kitty camp.

"My opinion is Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia is a branded shopping complex that is impersonating a theme park"

Branded Shopping Complex Or Theme Park?

The Hello Kitty house billed as being iconic gives the impression it is just a colour coordinated kids house promoting the brand.

Hello Kitty Bedroom

There were some interactive activities including the Black Wonder but it was quite lame in the entertainment stakes. The Purrfect stage gave some hope for entertainment but was in my opinion fairly average at best.

The Little Big Club on the second floor provided a mildly entertaining respite from the mediocrity with Pingu's Igloo, Barneys Playhouse and Bob The Builder's playground but even my 4 year old soon bored of the play options available.

Hello Kitty Black Wonder

Up on the third floor was dedicated to Thomas and Friends and even though my son likes the TV program he again got quickly bored with the activities on offer.

So that was the family theme park and I kind of felt underwhelmed by the whole experience. The previous day we were in Legoland and although that theme park is no world beater it at least provided an entertainment filled family day out.

Hello Kitty Kitchen

Other activities on offer included jewellery making at the Wishful Studio, a nail salon where the Hello Kitty characters can be realised as nail art and the costume dress and photo studio.

Hello Kitty is geared towards young girls but I looked at the entrance price online and I thought to myself they must have some really great rides or activities for kids to participate in but we were disappointed with what is actually available.

Hello Kitty House

What I found was impeccably laid out branded shops selling branded goods made famous on childrens TV just waiting for the kids to make demands on their parents to buy the latest Hello Kitty cat or Bob the builder product.

This is the first Sanrio theme park in Malaysia and is the first built outside of its Japan stronghold.

Maybe my view seems cynical but in my experience theme parks have shops as an additional opportunity to sell goods that will promote the theme park elsewhere, I just kind of felt it has been set up with the sole purpose of selling goods and promoting brands rather than trying to give a really entertaining customer experience.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Ticket Price Info

  • Malaysian Adult/Children: RM55.00
  • Foreign Adult/Children: RM75.00
  • Little Big Club - Malaysia Adult/Children: RM55.00
  • Little Big Club - Foreign Adult/Children: RM75.00
  • Park Pass (Little Big Club and Hello Kitty Town) - Malaysia Adult/Children: RM85.00
  • Park Pass (Little Big Club and Hello Kitty Town) - Foreign Adult/Children: RM110.00

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia Location Map

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Sanrio Hello Kitty

Can Hello Kitty Really Be As Bad As Our Reviewer Has Opined?

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Malaysia has certainly made a poor impression on this reviewer

Read this view and see if you agree, it seems there are two Hello Kitty camps with one very large vocal group adoring everything there is about this Japanese feline phenomenon, and, those like our reviewer here who thinks it leaves a lot to be desired. Which camp are you in?