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About Us - Juli Paul

I come from a humble background in Bukit Rambai Kampung in Melaka where I learnt to appreciate the simple things in life.
Juli Paul Owner Spy Malaysia
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Juli Paul Spy Malaysia
My motives behind the Spy Malaysia website are equally as simple, create a popular website that publishes unique content covering the Malaysian travel industry.
To give you an insight behind my reasoning I have created a list of items I do not like about the online Malaysian travel and tourism industry and combined it with a list of what we try to do:
Search on Google for a hotel and you will see an endless list of sites sharing the same photos
The same hotel booking websites offer little in the way of original content
The same hotel booking websites only publish positive reviews
This is Malaysia, yet Google search displays hotel booking information from sites whose parent companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange
There is not enough unique content describing what is great about the Malaysian travel industry including destinations and actual tourist attractions
Spy Malaysia take our own photos and every word in every review is unique
Spy Malaysia review the hotel using our own words, descriptions and opinions
If justified Spy Malaysia will use constructive criticism
This is a Malaysian website owned by a Malaysian based in Malaysia

We always create original content in our own words and we thrive on writing positive travel reviews when they are justified
What I Do Not Like
What We Do
My objective is to continue writing and publishing original content and hopefully some people might also like to read our reviews.
I am very passionate about Malaysia and I like to read great positive stories about the country that I love.
Juli Paul, Owner Spy Malaysia (e-mail juli at spy.my)
Juli Paul
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Hi, my name is and I am the owner of the Spy Malaysia website.

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