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History has a way of encroaching the kitchens of many places and Kedah's colourful past with its Malay, Chinese, Indian and Thai influences is certainly no exception with Kedah restaurants being the major beneficiary.
The Lighthouse Restaurant located between Tengah beach and Cenang beach is an exotic cuisine diverse Langkawi restaurant offering a fantastic sunset environment for your evening meal.
However, do not let the appearance of cheap looking plastic chairs and tables put you off as some of these Langkawi eateries produce absolutely delightful dishes that can deliver gastronomic satisfaction on a level you would not believe.
A great Kedah dining experience can be enjoyed in the revolving restaurant atop the Landmark Alor Star Tower, the Restoran Berputar Seri Angkasa produces quality food to match the spectacular views on offer to diners.
Kedah dishes such as Nasi Ulam (vegetables, spices and rice), Laksa (rice noodles mixed with vegetables, herbs and spices), Char Koay Teow (a tasty Chinese noodle dish), Rojak (fruit, cucumber in a peanut sauce) and Satay (meat barbecued over a charcoal fire) are all firm local favourites served in your typical Kedah restaurants.
The combination of spices, local herbs and vegetation lead to a cultural blend of Kedah cuisines that meet the expectations of the most culinary savvy palates imaginable.
As you would expect from a world renowned tourist destination Langkawi restaurants offers many diverse cuisine orientated eateries for you to savour in the town of Kuah and on the many beach front venues spread around the island.
One such Langkawi restaurant location is the Water Garden Hawker Centre in Kuay town that delivers a mouth watering culinary feast without relieving your wallet of its prized contents.
There are Langkawi restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets from the high class outlets in the 5 star hotels to what appear on the surface to be more downbeat eateries.

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Champor Champor Restaurant Cenang Beach Langkawi
Champor Champor Restaurant Langkawi Cenang Beach
Yellow Cafe Cenang Beach Langkawi
The sunset viewed from the tables of the upper floor balcony is just as irresistible as the best chefs recommendations at this fine dining establishment.
This Langkawi restaurant covering two floors and an alfresco beach side dining area has a menu that mixes the best of the Mediterrannean with Malay cuisine.

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