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The Kedah sport and leisure industry takes a nautical turn on Langkawi with yachting around the islands and water sports being enjoyed off many of the picturesque beaches, there is even a world class dive site to explore.
During the tree top walk many species of colourful birds and creatures of the forest can be observed along with the incredible flora of this amazing jungle. There are also a few jungle treks here suitable for hiking enthusiasts.
The Kedah sport scene is also home to one of the best White Water Rafting experiences in SE Asia that can be enjoyed at Sedim River Recreation Park just 30 minutes outside of Kulim (mainland Kedah).
At the Pulau Payer Marine Park snorkelling can be enjoyed in pristine crystal clear waters and an amazing underwater scuba diving experience with the colourful marine life is a real joy to behold.
The myriad of Islands and mangroves waiting to be discovered yields both rare and prized photo opportunities whilst you sail past the Geo Parks and Rain Forests of these fascinating islands.
The archipeligo of 99 islands that is famously known as Langkawi is a favourite haunt of yachting enthusiasts who sail into the port at Kuah eagerly anticipating the exciting adventures that lay ahead of them, they rarely leave these islands disappointed.

Kedah Sport

Langkawi Sport

For any Langkawi sports enthusiasts who enjoy a game of golf you will be pleased to know that Langkawi can offer some exciting courses including The Datai Bay Golf club that nestles between a picturesque ancient rainforest and the Langkawi shoreline.
The international standard Gunang Raya Golf Resort located in the foothills of Raya Mountain on Langkawi is a course sculpted into the grounds of a former rubber plantation.
There are a plethora of trekking routes to be enjoyed on Langkawi and for the adrenalin junkies there is the Langkawi Canopy Adventure where a series of canopy runs in the form of steel cables allows you to traverse the rain forest from tree to tree, this 'air trekking' is real tarzan stuff and fantastic fun.
The famous Langkawi Triathlon or 'Ironman' is an event that leaves me breathless just watching the heroic efforts of the participants and another spectator suitable sport held here is the Le Tour De Langkawi bicycle race.
These tropical islands are a location specialising in many sporting challenges including the Langkawi International Fishing Challenge where professional anglers will converge on Langkawi for 3 days of competitive fishing.
The Wilderness Langkawi Challenge is another iron man type of sport where participants engage in a combination of kayaking, bicycling and running.
Langkawi Regatta
11th Langkawi International Regatta
Royal Langkawi International Regatta is an event that draws expert sailors from across the globe steering their yachts through a series of races on a course around the 99 islands that makes up Langkawi.
For those that are into motorsports there is an international class karting track on Langkawi and there is the Lasor Eco Park 4wd track through the dense jungles of mainland Kedah where the challenging track will test your driving skills to the limit.
Royal Langkawi Regatta
Royal Langkawi International Regatta photos courtesy of asiayachting.com
Royal Langkawi International Regatta photo courtesy of asianyachting.com
Kayaking and other activities such as the 925m Tree Top Walk that offers breathtaking views of the rapids below are further attractions enticing the sports enthusiast to the Sedim River.

Kedah And Langkawi Sport

The Darul Aman Stadium in Alor Star is the largest sports venue in Kedah with a capacity of 32,000. Built in 1967 it is the official home of Malaysian Super League team Kedah FA.
Darul Aman Stadium
Sprawling across over 300 acres the Gunang Raya Golf Course will present a challenging 18 holes for any avid golfers visiting Langkawi.