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The Crystal Lodge Hotel location is in the heart of Kota Bharu and very close to the river, it was a great base for following the KB heritage trail and I would definitely recommend the Crystal Lodge Hotel to my friends, family or anyone interested in staying in Kota Bharu.
Crystal Lodge
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After meticulously planning my latest jaunt around Malaysia (Jan 2011) it was the last leg that I was relishing the most. Accompanied by my wife, we were taking the jungle train from Johor to Kota Bharu and neither the journey or the final destination were to disappoint.
But where to stay in KB? After browsing various Kota Bharu hotel websites I was swayed by the original marketing on the Crystal Lodge Hotel website where they use poetry on every page to describe their facilities.
We arrived on Saturday evening at Wakaf Baru station and we were promptly delivered by a short taxi journey to the hotel where we received a very warm and courteous Kelantan welcome from the friendly Crystal Lodge staff.
We entered our room (superior double) in what was advertised as a 3 star hotel but the decoration and attention to detail was better than many 4 star hotels I have stayed in throughout Malaysia.
The furnishings were virtually new as were the bed sheets, in fact the whole room had an air of freshness about it (which is something we did not after our 14 hour train journey so I jumped in the shower).
We were up early on Sunday morning and quickly proceeded to the breakfast hall to be greeted by the Crystal Lodge buffet breakfast.
According to her it was probably the best Nasi Lemak she has tasted! I've got to add that my wife is a very fussy eater and more often than not she is highly critical of most restaurants we visit, so yes, high praise indeed!
Breakfast was a mix of local and western foods and we both ate so much we skipped lunch that day so it was highly satisfactory, well done that chef!
We didn't take the opportunity to try the hotel restaurant for dinner but if the quality of the breakfast is an indication of the chef's culinary intent then I am sure it would have been another gastronomic delight.
The shower was so powerful it was like having a hot massage on my back and shoulders so I made the most of it by letting it pound me on full power for 15 minutes, just what I needed after the rigours of a long train journey.
I then retired for the night falling asleep watching the BPL football on Astro as we had a big day in front of us.
I noticed signs in the hotel for a rooftop terrace so I went to investigate and found a wide open dining space with fantastic views of the city and river, this would be ideal for many functions (check out the photos as they describe it far better than I could).
We left our bags with the safety of the hotel reception as we had a day of sightseeing in front of us before we left Kota Bharu on the overnight train back to JB.
Upon returning to the hotel to collect our bags we had the good fortune to get into a conversation with the hotel owner Mr Jayson.
So ended our short stay in Kota Bharu. We really enjoyed our time there, we met some great people and the hotel got top marks in my opinion.
It was not a large room but it was more than adequate for our transitory needs, if a larger room is required there are the 'Deluxe' or 'Suites' to choose from.

Crystal Lodge Hotel Kota Bharu

Crystal Lodge River View

Review Crystal Lodge Hotel Kota Bharu

A warm and welcoming hotel in the heart of Kota Bharu with a 3 star rating but a 4 star feel

Crystal Lodge Hotel is a great base for following the Kota Bharu heritage trail. It serves a hearty feast at breakfast and I found the hotel staff to be very friendly and helpful. All in all I had no complaints with my short stay at the Crystal Lodge Hotel

Crystal Lodge Hotel Kota Bharu
Date published: 22/01/2011

Crystal Lodge Hotel Star Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Crystal Lodge Hotel, 124 Jalan Che Su, Kota Bharu, Kelantan 15000, Malaysia

Phone: +60-9-747-0888

GPS Latitude - 6.127189 - GPS Longitude - 102.235658

Crystal Lodge Hotel
The Crystal Lodge Hotel website is not what I would describe as 'state of the art' but it does radiate a feeling of warmth and genuine sincerity that is usually expected from a well run family business.
Roof Terrace
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Superior Room
Superior Room Bed
As I was pondering the choices laid out before me my wife went straight for the Nasi Lemak and then, while my bread was still warming in the toaster she was returning for more which is unusual for her, could the Nasi Lemak be that good?
Breakfast Hall
We were up early so had choice where to sit and had plenty of time to choose what to eat without worrying about delaying the people behind us.
He was a delightfully friendly guy and as we had not yet had dinner he suggested why not go to one of his favourite Kota Bharu eateries, Yati Ayam Percik, what a choice a fantastic restaurant!
After being fortunate enough to meet the owner I get the impression he leads by example and his staff are a good reflection of his professional attitude towards a customer friendly business.
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Crystal Lodge Hotel Kota Bharu
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Crystal Lodge Terrace
"Crystal Lodge Hotel - Kota Bharu a 3 Star Rating But a 4 Star Feeling"