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Kota Bharu Hotels

The Kelantan hotels and tourism industries are so intricately entwined it is difficult for one to progress without the other.
With green tourism being a massive growth sector worldwide the Malaysian tourism sector is concentrating its efforts on tapping into this and if market forces dictate then it will not be long until new Kelantan hotels will add to the existing in Gua Musang, Kuala Koh, Dabong, Kuala Krai and Tanah Merah.
However, there does appear to be an imbalance as the majority of new hotels have sprung up in the state capital Kota Bharu resulting in some tourists having to commute to Kelantans hinterlands to enjoy some of the more spectacular eco-tourist destinations.

Kelantan Hotels

Kota Bharu is the state capital and it is an exceptional tourist destination to visit in its own right and the Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel was the citys' first 5 star hotel open for business and leisure travellers.
The first time I visited their website I applauded their marketing ingenuity as the hotel details on every page are written as poetry.
The Grand Riverview Hotel is another Kota Bharu hotel providing comfortable accommodation, fun recreational amenities, functional business facilities and mouth watering restaurants. Situated centrally in KB it is a popular hotel for business and leisure visitors alike.
The Perdana Resort located at Pantai Cahaya Bulan just north of KB is a beach resort situated within easy commuting distance of the big city.
The Kesedar Inn situated at Bandar Baru in Gua Musang provides 67 rooms and 5 VIP chalets in a location perfect for visiting the Gunung Stong National Park or the Kelantan gateway for Taman Negara which is the Kuala Koh National Park.
Further north along the rail line is the town of Tanah Merah that is very close to Mount Stong and the Jalawang Waterfalls and is home to a number of Kelantan hotels including the E' Mage Park Inn, Motel Sri Chalet and the Maju Jaya Hotel.
The Tune Hotel group is the latest entry to the Kelantan hotels market with their 173 room hotel opening in Kota Bharu early in 2011.
The Crystal Lodge Hotel located close to the Kelantan River in downtown Kota Bharu is a well presented 3 star hotel whose attention to detail has the guests best interests at heart.
If looking for a 4 star hotel in Kota Bharu on a 3 star budget then the Crystal Lodge Hotel is a great choice

Kelantan And Kota Bharu Hotels

The Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort offers a 4 star respite from the stress of the big cities
In recent years the Kelantan tourism industry have been increasing the promotional volume by engaging a policy encouraging both local and foreign tourists to visit the many fantastic locations available in Kelantan.
The Kelantan hotel industry has kept pace with this policy by increasing hotel rooms in the state
Strategically located in the heart of the commercial and shopping districts its 298 spacious and well appointed rooms offer the luxury expected of a high class Kota Bharu hotel.
Update! I stayed there now, but can Crystal Lodge Hotel walk the walk like they talk the talk?
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It is a marvellously witty marketing strategy and one that certainly caught my attention persuading me to peruse every page of the website before calling the reception, I now plan to stay there on my next visit to KB.
This Kelantan resort with miles of pearly white sandy beaches is popular as a leading resort renowned for its famously warm Kelantan welcome.
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