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The rugged terrain of the Titiwangsa Mountain Range is the ideal backdrop for the adrenaline junkies to get their kicks from the extreme sports of White Water Rafting, Caving or Mountaineering and the Kelantan sport industry has identified some breath taking locations.
Kelantan Football
November 2010 went down in Kelantan sport history as the year the Kelantan football team finally won the Malaysia Cup after 89 years of failed attempts.
Choosing an initial base of Gua Musang offers the opportunity to participate in many Kelantan extreme sports and the best way to get there is by train from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or Singapore.
The train ride itself is regarded by some as an extreme photography adventure and is a perfect appetiser before the rigours of the forthcoming Kelantan sporting challenges.
Gua Musang is surrounded by limestone hills and caves including The Ethnobotani Camp which is a 37ha park with Crags that have been bolted for 30 routes and are graded from 5b to 7a offering climbers a varied combination of technical and starter routes.
Gua Musang translates as the cave of the civet cat and the rock formation across the railway tracks not far from the station is a popular attraction for cavers.
A remote section of the Nenggiri River from Kuala Betis to Kuala Setelu has become an adventure playground for white water rapid enthusiasts and cavers alike. Located just 40 minutes from Gua Musang the entrance to the river at Kuala Betis is the start of a 53km white water rafting adventure that will take between 2 and 3 days to complete.
The 40 plus rapids are a fairly tame grade 2/3 but the enclosed canopy of the jungle and the limestone walls combined with the sound of the wild creates an atmosphere of intense anticipation of what the next rapid will bring.
The option to stop at three archaeologically important caves is a highlight of this trip and the historically important cave of the trio is also the largest Gua Cha (Cha Cave). This cave was inhabited between 9,000 and 5,000 years ago and it was the burial chamber for more than 30 bodies that have so far been discovered.
Mount Ayam is the largest at 1.500m but the most popular is Mount Stong at 1,442m that is home to the spectacular seven tiered Jalawang Waterfall that is reputed to be the largest in Peninsula Malaysia.
Other attractions around the peaks of Ayam and Stong are the Seven Wells that is a series of small waterfalls feeding mini pools and The Y Waterfalls where the gushing waters from both peaks merge.
Mount Stong is renowned for its impressive sunrises, but to witness this you must wrap up warm because the chilly night breeze at altitude can be bracing, the best vantage point is 'Lovers Rock' which is the giant boulder at the edge of the falls.
Although there are many caves within the karst formations of the Dabong area the popular destinations for cavers are Gua Gelap (Dark Cave), Gua Kris (Kris Cave) and Gua Ikan (Fish Cave) where the sculpted stalagmites and stalactites are waiting to be marvelled at.
The Awazisan Maru quite literally went down in history as the first boat that was sunk in the Pacific Naval hostilities of WW2.
The first casualty of the Pacific war is now home to schooling fish, giant barracudas and an abundance of pelagic life that is a magnet for diving enthusiasts.
Scuba Diver
The Nenggiri River is also the location for the annual Nenggiri Rafting International Challenge where enthusiasts from across the globe meet to compete in rafting and kayaking competitions.
Taking the train from Gua Musang deeper into Kelantan until reaching Dabong will set you up for your next round of extreme sporting challenges within the Mount Stong State Park where a chain of majestic peaks are waiting to be conquered.

Kelantan Sport

The victorious state team carried off the trophy amid jubilant scenes at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur before a capacity 85,000 crowd.
Kelantan beat the favourites and 2009 winners Selangor in a nail biting 2-1 victory that capped a fantastic season for the east coast team.
Kelantan Bowling
The first floor of KB Mall in Kota Bharu is home to the popular Pacific bowling alley. KB Pacific Bowl is a 30 lane Brunswick style bowling alley and the contact number for booking lanes is 09-7476622.
It is advised that you take a guide to explore this cave as it requires a steep climb just to reach the narrow entrance before you enter the huge main chamber to enjoy the various karst formations. A further climb to the upper levels will reveal another cave opening within a forested area.
Footbridge Gunung Stong
The 30 minute boat trip from Kota Bharu to the dive site is highly sought after by interested Kelantan sport scuba divers and war buffs alike.
The transport ship that once carried 5,000 Japanese troops is now sitting in 20m of water off the coast of Kota Bahru and has become a popular Kelantan scuba diving site.