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The gates to The Land Of Lightning have been opened and the Kelantan tourism industry unleashed to finally promote to the whole world that what lies beyond the Titiwangsa Mountains is of outstanding natural beauty and it is time that everyone re-examined their holiday plans and gave The Blissful Abode some serious vacation consideration.
The entry points to Kelantan are by flight from Kuala Lumpur or Penang straight to Kota Bharu, from Thailand you can cross the Golok River on the road bridge at Bukit Bunga or the East-West highway that links Gerik in Perak to the West coast or the East Coast Highway that can be accessed from Johor or KL.
Both the east-west highway and the east coast highway are picturesque and enjoyable driving routes but my favourite has got to be the early morning train from Singapore via Johor Bahru that offers numerous stop offs en route.
This old colonial rail route, known affectionately as the Jungle Railway, comes into its scenic element as it carves its way through the spine of the Titiwangsa Mountains giving visitors a taster of the natural beauty of Kelantan.
My only reservation about the train journey is the lack of a photography train carriage.
However, once you reach Pahang your attention will be drawn to the scenic jungle vistas and by the time you have arrived in Kelantan your mind will be focused solely on the amazing jungle wilderness.
As you cross the Titiwangsa range you enter into the realms of the Gunung Stong State Park (GSSP) that covers an area of 29,500ha of dense forest, mountainous peaks, a variety of caves, gushing rivers and loud waterfalls that offers one of the top 5 eco tourism destinations in Malaysia.
The diverse flora and fauna of the GSSP is enough to turn your eco friends green with envy with species such as the worlds largest flower the Rafflesia as well as some unique palm trees and rare examples of long sectioned bamboo plants.
In between identifying the varied plant life you must be aware that the jungle is also home to Asian elephants, tigers, hornbills, bears, gibbons, tapirs and a whole host of other exotic creatures.
Most tourists visit Gunung Stong State Park to either scale or photograph its highest peaks (Gunung Stong 1,442m or Gunung Ayam 1,504m) whereby Gunung Ayam offers stunning sunsets and sunrises and Gunung Stong is famed for the powerful seven tiered Jelawang Waterfall that drops from 495m above sea level.
The Kuala Koh National Park in Kelantan is the northern entrance to Malaysias number 1 eco-tourism destination Taman Negara (national park) and it covers 1,013sq km of primary rainforest comprising of a mere 24% of Taman Negara.
The spectacular flora and fauna on offer here will keep your finger glued to the camera button for hours on end and there are many recreational activities available including fishing, kayaking and bamboo rafting.
Kelantan tourism is famous not just for its golden sandy beaches lapped by the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea but the actual names of the beaches.
All these Kelantan beaches do justice to their glamourous names and when the sun rises above the eastern horizon get that camera ready for some fantastic photo opportunities from the shimmering sands of these picture postcard beaches.
The English translations are just fantastic with names like the Beach Of Melody, Beach Of The Seven Lagoons, Beach Of The Whispering Breeze and the Beach Of Moonlight.
Whilst Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach Of Moonlight)  may hold the accolade of most popular Kelantan beach it is Pantai Irama (Beach Of Melody) that holds the distinction of most beautiful Kelantan beach.
Whilst Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach Of Moonlight)  may hold the accolade of most popular Kelantan beach it is Pantai Irama (Beach Of Melody) that holds the distinction of most beautiful Kelantan beach.
Located about 30km south of Kota Bharu Pantai Irama is a great picnic area and a photographers dream come true.
The swaying Causuarina and Palm trees leaning lined in isolation towards the South China Sea create a backdrop that is a beacon to the camera conscious patrons of this most beautiful beach.
Kota Bharu Tourism
Kelantan tourism is not all about its natural beauty as the State capital Kota Bharu has an architecturally significant historical zone where many museums and heritage buildings are located along Jalan Hilir Kota and Jalan Sultan.
Then there are the city monuments, the Kota Bharu State Mosque, the Istana Balai Besar (palace) and the landmarked beauty of the Sultan Ismail Petra Arch to marvel at. The Kota Bharu tourism industry is enticing many interested travellers who are keen to immerse themselves in the culture, heritage and tourism attractions of the Islamic city.

National Parks And Kelantan Tourism

Kelantan tourism take note, as the train ride through the Kelantan stretch of track is a tourist attraction on its own, the other states on this route have no incentive to pressure for an additional  photography carriage.
The windows cannot be opened on the normal carriages and it is not conducive to good images to take photographs through the double glazed windows.