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I have no on-going axe to grind with this AirAsia X complaint but hopefully my experience may act as a warning to any unwary travellers using their services so they can avoid the similar pitfalls that beset me because of their poor customer service.
I had originally booked my flights in 2009, but my travel plans were thrown into doubt when I broke my kneecap in January 2010 and found out I would be on crutches for at least 3 months.
My doctor advised me I would still be ok to fly but I still sought AirAsia's advice on whether I should travel or not; An AirAsia representative advised it would be ok to travel but maybe I should consider booking another ticket for someone who could give me assistance.
My original plans were for me to travel alone but I acted upon AirAsia's advice and subsequently got penalised for it.
The flights from Penang via KL to Stansted were uneventful but I would like to add that the AirAsia staff were wonderful and extremely helpful.
We were due to take our return flight to Kuala Lumpur from Stansted on Thursday 4th March when on arrival at the check-in desk we were left totally dismayed by the inflexible heartless attitude taken by members of the AirAsia X check in staff.
The 'mistake' I had made was to take only one bag for both myself and my wife (please remember I am on crutches with a broken kneecap and it was a better idea than to lumber my wife with two bags for the journey).
The insensitive staff at Stansted stated that we could not combine the collective travel weight of our baggage because our tickets had been purchased separately. Therefore I had to pay GB5 Pounds for every extra 1kg of luggage and they indignantly insisted I would not be allowed on the flight if I did not pay.
They were not in the slightest bit interested that I had followed AirAsia's travel advice to book an extra ticket because of my temporary disablement and the fact that it made more sense to travel with one bag rather than two was treated with equal contempt.
We had already travelled through Penang and KL airports with only one bag without meeting any problems so why could common sense not be used by the insensitive staff at Stansted?
I hobbled away from the counter and we subsequently bought another bag at an airport shop at an inflated price of GB45 Pounds rather than give in to these little Napoleons at the Stansted check-in counter who were demanding their pound of flesh.
If their insensitive staff are so intent on carrying out AirAsia X rules affecting and clearly discriminating against temporarily disabled passengers then AirAsia should change their rules because they are clearly unfair.
In my opinion this was an exceptional circumstance and common sense should have prevailed over what can only be described as poor customer service.
I am not writing this to start a campaign against AirAsia and you will certainly not hear me saying I will never travel with AirAsia again, because I have since travelled with them and I will again in the future.
However, an element of trust has been broken and I will be a lot more wary of travelling with AirAsia in the future.
I did write a letter of complaint to AirAsia at the time and received a reply within a couple of weeks. I would have liked to copy it onto this page because of the appalling grammar they inflicted upon the English language. However, there was a disclaimer preventing further dissemination of what they deemed confidential information.
AirAsia X Aeroplane
Airasia X plane
AirAsia's stance was to back up their Stansted check in staff by saying they were following the rules and they did not admit that this was an exceptional circumstance.

Air Asia X Complaint And Poor Customer Service

The second last line was especially good as it hoped this incident would deter me from flying with AirAsia again, not the exact words but the same meaning and it had me howling with frustrated laughter.

Air Asia Discriminating Against Disabled Passengers

In March 2010 I was looking forward to the return flights I had booked with AirAsia X from Penang via KL to London Stansted airport. My story is a complaint about AirAsia X and their poor customer service that was meted out to me, a temporarily disabled passenger, during one leg of this journey.
So after re-evaluating the situation I booked my wife onto all my flights for my trip to Europe.
This is the basis of my AirAsia X complaint.
My problems started when we were due to return to Malaysia and I encountered what I would deem discrimination against disabled passengers.