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Kuala Lumpur Business

Kuala Lumpur Economy

Kuala Lumpur business acts as a magnet attracting people from all over SE Asia feeding the growing Kuala Lumpur economy and fuelling economic growth for the whole country.
Kuala Lumpur is the economic and business powerhouse of Malaysia and its surrounding area is the most industrialised in this SE Asian tiger economy noted for its business friendly reputation.
Important government institutions such as the Central Bank Of Malaysia, the Companies Commission and the securities commission along with the majority of foreign embassies and diplomatic missions are based in the city.
The service sector is a major Kuala Lumpur business component in a city with multi national companies, foreign corporations, foreign and local banks and the insurance sector all heavily represented here.
Most of Malaysia's largest companies have their corporate offices based in KL with 18 of them appearing in the Forbes Global 2000 list of companies dated April 2010.
With companies of such high stature it is understandable that the Malaysia Stock Exchange is a core component of not just Kuala Lumpur economy but the entire country of Malaysia.
When foreign corporations examine the infrastructure of Malaysia they can witness an efficient transportation system and a world class health and education system with a large concentration of Universities, International schools and Private Hospitals based around KL, all of which help make the Kuala Lumpur business proposition very attractive.
There are research facilities such as the Rubber Research Institute, the Forest Research Institute and the Institute of Medical Research all based in KL.
The infrastructure upgrades around the International Airport in the Sepang area just outside of Kuala Lumpur, the Port Klang expansion and the creation of the Multi Media Super Corridor are all positive signals of KL's ongoing influence of business and commercial intent to grow not just the city, but also the surrounding area and whole country.
KL has grown into a major tourist attraction and it is also home to the Arts, Media and Real Estate sectors of the country and their joint contributions are a great aid to the Malaysia economy.
Kuala Lumpur Business
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KL Business Fuelling The Nations Economic Growth

Kuala Lumpur is without doubt the major business hub of Malaysia and it is growing to be an important player not just amongst SE Asian countries but also on the world stage.