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The illustrious Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once famously said 'Oh, the tiger will love you, there is no sincerer love than the love of food'.
Workplace and family conversations abound relate to the venue for lunch or the evening meal such is the social bond associated in meal time Malaysia.
It seems that there is never a day that goes by without a newspaper article by a 'foodie' journalist reviewing the latest culinary offering from ambitious restaurateurs attempting to steal the culinary limelight in a city that delights in gastronomic finesse.
Yes the choice is vast and the competition cut throat, but all this bodes well for the serious gastronome in the search for the Shangri-la of Kuala Lumpur restaurants.
Making a gastronomic statement is all about satisfying the food savvy masses and everyday an army of chefs prepare for culinary war fully prepared for a capacity seating in their KL eateries.
Are you hungry? I hope so because there is a lot of work to be done gorging our way around the cafes, restaurants and Kuala Lumpur eateries.
Malaysians love to talk about food, so why not become a Malaysian Spy and revel in telling us about your favourite Laksa, Ribs, Dim Sum, Mee Goreng, Steak, Satay, Nasi Goreng or just about any culinary delight you have savoured at any flavour of Kuala Lumpur restaurant?
Tell us about your good or bad experiences in KL eateries of any description.
So what are you waiting for? It is time to get writing and share your Kuala Lumpur culinary experiences with the rest of the world.
Send your KL dining experiences to us and we will publish it on our website on its own dedicated webpage.
KL Restoran Sari Ratu Authentic Nasi Padang
Restoran Albasha Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur
Dining on Pakistani Muslim cuisine at Restoran Insaf Nasi Briyani on Jalan Tar KL
Yes, very profound but succinctly put and this is so true of Malaysia today, can you think of the last day when you did not have a conversation about food or Kuala Lumpur restaurants?
And, how many Kuala Lumpur city slickers do you know that like nothing more than introducing the next 'new' restaurant on the KL gastronomic scene?

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