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KL Petronas Towers
It may well be the commercial and political powerhouse of Malaysia but Kuala Lumpur tourism has projected the city into a fully fledged tourist destination of distinction.
It has become a destination of choice for curious travellers from all over the world, from backpackers to high rolling tourists in search of indulging in 5 star opulence you can be sure that the Kuala Lumpur tourism industry can cater for all tastes and budgets.
A great place to start exploring KL is the Malaysia Tourism Centre that is located in an old colonial building of historic importance on Jalan Ampang (Ampang Road). From here you can collect information on the many Kuala Lumpur tourism attractions on offer.
The skyline of Kuala Lumpur is dominated by the Petronas Twin Towers and the lesser known but just as picturesque KL Tower, at night time these iconic symbols of KL are illuminated to generate a picture postcard type image that can be viewed from vantage points all over the city.
KL Tower is the 4th largest tower in the world and as such it offers some spectacular views of  KL, it is situated in the Bukit Nanas Forest Recreational Park which covers 11 hectares of forested land in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and is highly recommended for a stroll.
The buildings that surround Merdeka Square offer some of the most grandiose photo opportunities on the Kuala Lumpur tourism trail.
These historic buildings are all part of the Kuala Lumpur heritage trail along with buildings such as the Old Railway Station and the KTM Building, this is but a glimpse of the history of the city and the 4 hour long Heritage Trail Tour is a worthwhile investment of your time in KL.
Apart from being the busiest part of town it is also I great base to have as it is so close to all the major attractions with transport links such as the LRT. Every time I go to KL I try to stay in Bukit Bintang because quite simply it is the most happening area of Kuala Lumpur, I love it there.
The electric night life energises the senses with some of the most hip clubs in SE Asia and then there is the cuisine of the multi-ethnic populace that permeates throughout Bukit Bintang and the whole city.
The vibrancy of the Bukit Bintang area sums up the heart and soul of KL with the non stop pace of the whole area it appears as if everybody is either constantly shopping, eating or travelling between these two popular KL pastimes.
You cannot travel to Kuala Lumpur without a visit to Petaling Street in Chinatown, this bustling market place is always throbbing with eager visitors trying to eek out a bargain while negotiating with the wily stallholders.
Another unmissable market close by to Petaling Street is the Central Market, this art deco building is home to handicrafts, art, kebaya, songket, batik and a wide variety of Malaysian cuisine.
The lively arts scene is a positive attribute of KL that adds to the sophisticated charm of this cosmopolitan metropolis.
Yes, the savvy traveller to the Kuala Lumpur tourism trail can understand why KL is the destination of choice for the discerning tourist, if you visit one time you can be sure you will return and if you are yet to visit, well what's keeping you?

Kuala Lumpur Tourism

KL Bird Park Macaws KL Bird Park Macaws
Visit SE Asia's largest free flight aviary at the KL Bird Park
The Sultan Abdul Samad Building together with the Old Post Office and the Old City Hall are magnificent specimens of architectural wonder from days gone by.

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The multitude of high class restaurants, hawker stalls and eateries of every description are everywhere with many operating 24/7.