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The history of Malacca business dates back more than five hundred years. Because of its strategic location it was the epicentre of the spice trade and its perceived importance was that powerful it influenced colonial countries to fight wars to control it.

Malacca Economy

Malacca business activities are flourishing with the thriving Malacca economy and booming tourist industry leading to the state being in the process of building 4 more hotels (circa 2010) to accommodate the influx of tourists that are anticipated to increase year on year.
With the ongoing globalisation of trade and the challenges of the e-commerce era the Malaccan state government is positioning itself to become more competitive in the fast changing world known as the digital age.
Quick processing of all applications and documentation
Free-trade industrial zones
Excellent infra-structural facilities
A literate and educated work force
Good affordable housing
Excellent recreational facilities
In this day and age of competitive market places Malacca offers potential investors the following incentives to encourage them to set up business here:
Melaka state government has established an efficient administrative set-up that when coupled with the charm of the city and friendliness of the locals makes Malacca an easy sell to foreign investors.
Malacca business is not just about the tourism industry as it has become a centre for the manufacturing industry with many local and foreign investors setting up factories in Malacca producing a wide range of goods for both the local and international markets.
The spin offs from Malacca being a major tourist destination are many and of great benefit to the Malacca business communities. When the hotels are busy squeezing in their transitory guests it means that the cafes, restaurants, bars and shops will also benefit from the increase in tourists visiting this historically important and culturally rich diverse city.

Malacca Business

The port of Malacca gained economic significance because its location is at the narrowest point of the Straits and its ease of access for shipping.