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After indulging in the culture and heritage of this historic city you will not have to go too far to discover the various Malacca Entertainment venues and pastimes available to occupy your valuable leisure time.
The grounds of Bukit Cina (Chinese Hill) is home to a trail that is becoming popular with mountain bikers who enjoy the hilly terrain for a 3 kilometer exhilarating bike ride only minutes from downtown Malacca.
The Eye On Malaysia is located in Bandar Hilir close by the mouth of the Melaka River and during the 12 minute ride it rises over 60 metres giving breathtaking views of the surrounding area.
You know you are in a popular tourist destination when the city in question has a giant ferris wheel with modern view orientated glass cabins to entice the tourists to take a birds eye view of the destination and Malacca is now the permanent home to the Eye On Malaysia ferris wheel.
Located in the Bandar Hilir district on Jalan Merdeka is the Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower), it was opened in 2008 and is the only gyro tower operating in Malaysia.
Another different way of touring the tourist hotspots is on the aptly named duck bus, given that it bears a resemblance to everybody's favourite duck (Donald) it makes it a little easier to convince the kids they want to visit the historic Malacca old town sites.

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For the strong of lung there are a plethora of Malacca karaoke bars to satisfy even the most insatiable need to vocalise your favourite songs in varying languages.
One of the larger karaoke bars is the Big Bike Pub and Karaoke, it has 18 rooms with some fitted with projectors and state of the art sound systems, it is where the serious karaoke aficionados go to sing their hearts out.
Other karaoke bars of merit in the Malacca entertainment zone are Go Go KTV Lounge at the jetty, Ginza Karaoke Musical Lounge, Light City Karaoke, Dynasty Exclusive KTV Lounge and Kit Karaoke all of which are located in Taman Melaka Raya.
The Malacca entertainment industry caters for the local cinema goers in 3 main cinemas which are MBO Melaka Mall in Ayer Keroh, the Lotus 5 Star in Mahkota Parade and Golden Screens Cinema in Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir which is the largest cinema complex in Malacca.
Malacca also boasts the second largest zoo in Malaysia, it is located in Ayer Keroh which is 13km outside of the city. The zoo was established in 1963 and houses nearly 1200 animals, it is also a centre for wildlife research, zoo education and conservation breeding.

Malacca Entertainment

The structure is 110 metres in height and offers a panoramic 360 degree view of Malacca, as the cabin rises it also rotates to give each of its 80 capacity passengers a panoramic view to remember.
Malacca imported an authentic red coloured London double decker bus from England in 2007 and visitors can enjoy seeing the most interesting Malaccan sites from the luxury of this iconic mode of London style transport.