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The Malacca nightlife scene beckons every evening as dusk comes with the neon lights sparking to life as the decibels emanating from the speakers increase acting as a magnet to the Malacca nightlife owls.
The Melaka Raya Jetty is an entertainment centre in its own right, it has everything from restaurants, bars, nightclubs and karaoke and there are even outdoor areas where you can enjoy a nice meal while watching the sun setting over the Straits of Malacca.
The Malacca nightlife in Jonker Street is a little less enthusiastic compared to its Melaka Raya counterpart although some may say what it lacks in volume it more than makes up for in sophistication.
I like nothing more than the opportunity to bask outside a restaurant in a fashionable area like Jonker Street and watch the world go by whilst enjoying good food and conversation over a cup of my favourite green tea. Sheer bliss!
The weekend is when Jonker Street really comes to life with the Jonker Street Night Market taking place along the streets that are pedestrian only at night thus allowing many establishments the ability to increase both capacity and al-fresco ambience by furnishing the front of their shoplots with additional seating.
Two of the more established venues on the Melaka Raya jetty are Go Go KTV Lounge and The Jetty Sports Bar and the party starts here every weekend.
The Jetty is 400 metres long and the management provide a buggy to allow the more physically challenged patrons the opportunity of a free ride up and down the Jetty.
The two main areas of focus for Malacca nightlife are the Melaka Raya and Jonker Street areas with the former being the more intense venue for the serious fun seekers.
Other venues of note are the Libar Cocktail House, Ringo’s Classic Café Malacca and the Far East Cafe that all attract a large and loyal crowd at weekends.
One venue I especially like is the Geographers Cafe where you may opt to sit outside or upstairs and relish the Jonker Street activities while gorging on their lavish menu.

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