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What SE Asian city can boast the oldest Dutch building in SE Asia, has been called the Venice of the East and has a Portuguese square that is fondly known locally as Mini Lisbon?
Christ Church is the photogenic eye catcher of Dutch Square, built in 1741 it is the oldest protestant church in Malaysia and a fine example of Dutch architecture for that period.
The Malacca heritage trail continues with the Stadthuys that was once the official residence of the Dutch governors and is situated in what is locally known as Dutch Square.
As the ravages of war took their toll over the years with attacks from the Malays and more significantly the Dutch and the British the once proud fortress is now a shadow of its heyday.
Heritage has always fascinated travellers and the Malacca tourism industry does not have to work too hard to lure the discerning tourist to follow the beaten track and indulge in the photogenic architecture, wonderful culture and colourful history of this 600 year old city.

The Malacca Heritage Trail

Jonker Street

Malacca Tourist Attractions

The exquisite Dutch architecture with its distinctive red paint and quaint clock tower is now home to the Historical and Ethnography Museum and the buildings are another photographic gem.
It is however still an iconic tourist attraction and a most enjoyable walk up the hill to peruse the remnants of the fort is well worthwhile and also some good photo opportunities are readily available.
The heartbeat of Malacca tourism in the old town is undoubtedly the narrow alley known as Jonker Street. On this famous Malaccan street where once resided rich colonial residents now stand Antique and curio shops displaying some remarkable pieces dating back to the 17th century.
Indeed some of these shops take you back in time to a bygone age with their decorative veneers housing some notable pieces of Chinese porcelain, decorative brassware, cast iron furniture, olde worlde lamps, old coins and genuine paper money used in early Malaccan trade.
The Jonker Street cuisine is both diverse and plentiful with some Baba Nyonya delicacies mixed with a variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian dishes so you do not have to wander too far to satisfy the tourist appetite for fine food.
At weekends by 6pm Jonker Street goes through a metamorphosis into what is known as the Jonker Walk Night Market with a carnival like atmosphere that is enthusiastically looked forward to by both locals and tourists alike.
The Malacca cultural heritage is reflected in the many locally made handicraft items available for purchase along with the souvenirs and gifts typical of a Malaysian night time bazaar.
Malacca tourism offers a highly enjoyable cruise up the Malacca River, the cruise starts at the mouth of the river (Dutch Square) and it travels all the way to Kampung Morten which is a national heritage site.
Another interesting Malacca tourist attraction is the Taman Mini Malaysia Cultural Park that is located just outside Ayer Koroh. Here you can witness the culture of Malaysia through its architecture and the Malaysian historical way of life. The homes built here all represent the architectural style of the 13 individual Malaysian states and are full of indigenous arts and crafts that depict the unique culture of each state.
A famous and popular resort to visit is A'Famosa Resort located on a 1300 acre site in Alor Gajah. The facilities include Animal World, A'Famosa Water World, three nine-hole courses for golf, and Cowboy Town as well as a plethora of restaurants, the A'Famosa Fun Pub, the Golfer’s Terrace, and the Karaoke Lounge.
If you want to enjoy the beach or visit some tropical islands then Malacca has plenty to offer with a list of beaches including Tanjung Kling Beach, Kundur Beach and Tanjung Bidara Beach. Off the Malaccan coast is the Upeh Island that has a resort that provides a full list of water sports and some of the attractions include an ancient well and visiting world war 2 relics scattered around the island.
The more famous Malaccan island is Pulau Besar Island where tourists flock to see the pristine beauty of the flora and its white sandy beaches. It boasts an international standard 18 hole golf course, a luxury hotel with several beach chalets, a yacht club and a range of water sport facilities like fishing, parasailing, windsurfing, water-skiing and snorkelling.
The latest Malacca tourist attraction to open is the Malacca Wonderland Water theme park located in Malaccas' green lung next to the Botanical Gardens, it boasts some world class rides such as the Tornado Chaser, Big Wave Pool, Adventure Island, Anaconda Twist and Kamikaze River.
Can 4.89 million tourists be wrong? That is the number of tourists that have visited Malacca in the first 6 months of 2010 according to the state tourism board. I was one of them and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there and would highly recommend visiting this wonderful tourist destination.
Malacca Christ Church

Malacca Tourism

Pahang Traditional House Pahang Traditional House
Mini Malaysia and Asean Cultural Park in Ayer Keroh displays the architectural prowess of traditional local houses
Yes, Malacca is the intriguingly beautiful city that proudly illustrates its historical past as a delightfully enticing cultural tourist hotspot that is not to be missed on any visit to Malaysia.
It can be observed in all its original architectural grandeur and was originally constructed in 1650 making it the oldest Dutch building built in SE Asia.to edit
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In the early 1500's the Portuguese arrived and promptly built the A'Famosa Fortress on top of St Pauls Hill that became a Portuguese stronghold for 130 years.