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About Us - Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph In Langkawi
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph Sitting On Bridge Above Thermal Springs
Originally from the UK, I came to Malaysia in September 2005 as a seasoned traveller with an open mind and a plane ticket to leave 3 months later for a lucrative job offer in Florida.
I had previously visited the US on numerous occasions so I was well aware what a great place it was to live and work, what I was not aware of was the impact Malaysia was to have on me.
Malaysia really grew on me, itís got everything; Tropical paradise islands, world class shopping malls, it is stable, it is safe, the food is fantastic, but most of all it is the warm and friendly people.
It was an easy decision to decide to stay and one I will never regret.
I was also rewarded by good fortune as I was to meet in Penang a local lady who became my wonderful wife and I
have lived here very happily ever since.
Malaysia became my inspiration, it has given me a lot and now I want to give something back by publishing my thoughts on why Malaysia truly is the melting pot of everything that is great about Asia.
The best thing about travel is it is fun and I am looking forward to some fun filled years travelling Malaysia recording
the good, the not so good and the amusing anecdotes collected on my journeys.

Bon Voyage

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph, Editor Spy Malaysia (e-mail - michael at spy.my)
Juli Paul
Meet Juli Paul, from Melaka and the owner of Spy Malaysia website
My name is and I have a passion about all things Malaysia. I love travel, gorging on fantastic food and meeting new people so to get the opportunity to dally with journalistic licence and write about the things I love proved an irresistible temptation I could not decline.
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