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Negeri Sembilan
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Restoran Warisan
During a recent visit to Port Dickson I wanted to indulge in some traditional Negeri Sembilan cuisine so before I reached my destination I took a detour to sample the traditional Negeri Sembilan culinary delights of Restoran Warisan in the Terachi Cultural Village, Kuala Pilah.
I read so much about this eaterie I simply could not pass on the opportunity to taste their traditional gastronomic fayre.
Travelling with my wife we arrived just before dusk on a rainy Negeri Sembilan evening and were very hungry after fasting for a few hours in anticipation of a culinary treat, but were we to be disappointed?

After studying the menu we quickly decided and ordered:
Cendawan Goreng Tepung - Deep Fried Mushrooms with Crispy Noodles
Daging Salai Lemak Cili Api - Smoked Beef Curry
Kapah Masak Pedas - Shellfish in a Spicy Sauce
Nasi Goreng Cina - Chinese Fried Rice
Ulam Sambal Belacan
Hot Lemon Tea and Hot Coffee
My wife heralds from Malacca and when we have guests she often spoils us with her fantastic cooking as she regularly creates a magnificent version of Shellfish in a Spicy Sauce and she proudly revels in the subsequent compliments.
So, I'm sure you can imagine me eventually leaving this restaurant with bruised ribs after commenting that the Kapah Masak Pedas was better than hers, yes, I was on the receiving end of a sharp elbow, but I could not help myself as the shellfish were dressed in a delightfully subtle hot and spicy sauce that was irresistible.
The Sambal Belacan sauce served with the vegetables was a tasty hot and spicy sauce with a sweet and savoury after taste, I was informed it was a typical Negeri Sembilan sauce and I rated it quite highly in the quality stakes.
Next up was the real motivation for my visit, Daging Salai Lemak Cili Api, my wife explained about the traditional Negeri Sembilan methods of smoking the beef as preparation before cooking and the consequential effects on the actual fragrance during and after cooking.
The traditional method can take up to two days to create the smoked beef and no preservatives, dyes or chemicals are used in the process. According to the Warisan staff their smoked beef is prepared this way, oh happy days, just what I want to try:-)
This smoked beef curry was quite unlike any other curry I've tried, it was hot and spicy exactly the way I like it but it also had a very pleasant fragrance that I can only assume was from using smoked beef.
My sensory conclusion was the smoked beef and hot chillies extracted maximum value out of the accompanying spices and so enhanced the actual taste sensation of the sauce adding a delicate fragrance that is renowned in the upper echelons of culinary circles dealing in traditional Negeri Sembilan cuisine.
We ordered both steamed rice and Chinese Fried Rice to accompany the curry and both were satisfactory without doing anything to raise the taste sensation to a point worthy of further comment.
Restoran Warisan does not just rely on its traditional menu to attract interest as it is also a traditional Negeri Sembilan building serving food in a wonderful semi alfresco environment.
I can state with a degree of certainty that if I lived locally I would definitely be dining in the Restoran Warisan quite regularly and enjoy working my way through the menu.
If the Shellfish hit a seafood cuisine high then it was a hard act to follow for the Deep Fried Mushrooms and these were just too plain and lacking any culinary sparkle for my liking.

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Warisan Kapah Masak Pedas

Restoran Warisan

cendawan goreng tepung

Restoran Warisan Review

Restoran Warisan provided a thoroughly enjoyable fine dining experience

Sampling the culinary delights of Restoran Warisan where traditional Negeri Sembilan cuisine is the order of the day is a culinary treat not to be missed if given the opportunity

Restoran Warisan
Date published: 21/01/2011

Restoran Warisan Star Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Restoran Warisan, Pusat Kraf, Perkampungan Budaya Terachi, Tanjung Ipoh, Negeri Sembilan 71500, Malaysia

Phone: +60-12-210-1356

GPS Latitude - 2.745716 - GPS Longitude - 102.149316

Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30pm - 1:00am - Sat-Sun 12.30pm - 1:00am

Restoran Warisan Dining
Cendawan Goreng Tepung
Daging Salai Lemak Cili Api
Nasi Goreng Cina
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Warisan Restoran
Warisan Restoran Dining
Hot Lemon Tea and Coffee
The crispy noodles were quite nice but it is difficult to go overboard with positive platitudes on an accompanying food item rather than the main focus that should have been the mushrooms.
This was exactly the culinary experience I was looking for as I gently chewed the beef all the time slowly rolling the sauce around my tastebuds trying as I may to identify the spices used to give this most pleasant gastronomic result.
It was a fine dining experience I fully enjoyed.
Ulam Sambal Belacan
"if I lived locally I would definitely be dining in the Restoran Warisan quite regularly"