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Negeri Sembilan Restaurants

Seremban Restaurants

Teratai Seafood Restaurant Seremban

The Seremban Seafood Village in the state capital is a fine example of the Chinese culinary influence resulting in a Negeri Sembilan restaurant whose signature dish of Baked Crabs has firmly placed this establishment on the culinary map.

The menu is extensive offering a wide variety of seafood to satisfy the most fervent of fish lovers.

The Teratai Seafood Restaurant opposite Jusco Seremban 2 is another successful seafood restaurant that is a popular choice with a reputation for attracting customers from all over Negeri Sembilan.

Port Dickson Restaurants

Medan Selera Batu

Meanwhile over in Port Dickson any lovers of local food who like to try western cuisine will be pleased to learn of the Mexican liking for chillies in their food and the El Cactus Mexican Fusion Bistro is sure to not disappoint.

Located opposite the Corus Hotel in a relaxed and scenic environment the extensive menu created by the owners of El Cactus will be transferred to your plate by the experienced chef whose attention to detail is notable.

A great place for a light lunch in Port Dickson is Medan Selera Batu with five separate cafes serving a diverse menu including Kajang Sate of Selangor food fame, Bangi Kopitiam and Mama Chop Papa Grill specialising in western cuisine.

The semi al-fresco environment makes this an inviting eaterie that actually parted me from my drive through PD to stop for a quick bite and a cup of tea.

Restoran Warisan

Since its opening in October 2009 the Restoran Warisan located in the Pusat Kraf, Terachi Cultural Village, Kuala Pilah has been serving a mix of traditional Negeri Sembilan and Thai cuisine to a regular flow of delighted customers.

Situated in the picturesque cultural village this heritage restaurant showcases all that is good about Negeri Sembilan cuisine.

This is a great choice to sample delightful Negeri Sembilan cuisine and culture.

Negeri Sembilan Cuisine

My own preference of spicy food is the hotter the better.

I find a more refined appreciation of the accompanying spices when they are blended with hot chillies than when the same spices are used without chili. My taste buds feel more discriminating and it gives me a heightened sensitivity to the complexity of the flavours, in short, chillies don't just supply a 'kick' they transform the other ingredients and elevate the taste sensation to sublime.

So my message to the tendermouths who do not like it hot is; You do not realise what you are missing!

The Minangkabau influence on Negeri Sembilan restaurants is evident with the endless list of aromatic herbs that seduce your nasal sentience in mesmeric proportions.

You will find dishes such as Masak Lemak Cili Api, Ikan Keli Berlado, Daging Salai Lemak Cili Api and Ikan Keli Masak Lemak Cili Api captivating your sensory gustation without alleviating the thickness of your wallet.

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Restoran Warisan

Do You Like It Hot Or Not?

Well my expectation was hot and spicy and Restoran Warisan certainly delivered that

In fact they delivered another unexpected adjective to lavish upon one of their dishes; Smokey! The Daging Salai Lemak Cili Api had a delicate fragrance of smoked beef that delivered a delightful nasal sensation that was then surpassed by its wondrous taste.