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Negeri Sembilan Tourism

Seri Menanti

Welcome To Seri Menanti

Istana Seri Menanti located in the royal town of Seri Menanti has been gazzetted as in the top ten national historical structures in Malaysia.

Built during the first decade of the twentieth century, Istana Seri Menanti still stands proud and is currently open to the public as a royal museum.

Port Dickson Tourism

Port Dickson Beach

The beach resort town of Port Dickson has for a long time been a major attraction for tourists in NS. With nearly 18 km of cool sandy beaches and lined by tropical palm trees and swaying casuarinas the scene is set by the gentle waves of the Malacca Straits washing onto its sandy shores.

Amongst the many inviting beaches extending through and beyond Port Dickson the 1.8 km stretch of beach at Teluk Kemang takes pride of place by attracting the most visitors.

All varieties of water sport activities can be pursued here including para sailing, banana boat ride, jet skiing, speed boating, wind surfing and canoeing.

About 12 km south of Port Dickson is the Blue Lagoon that is tucked into a secluded and tranquil cove at the foothills of Cape Rachado in the Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest.

This is a great place to come to relax, unwind and just take in the beauty of the azure blue sea and surrounding woodland.

Atop Cape Rachado the Portuguese built a lighthouse in the 16th century to assist their shipping take safe passage to the port of Malacca and to this day it is still fully functional.

If you visit the Blue Lagoon on a clear day it is worthwhile to take a stroll up to the lighthouse and ascend the narrow spiral staircase to take in the spectacular view across the Straits of Malacca to Sumatra some 38 km on the horizon.

Port Dickson is served by many international class resorts and hotels and for the budget conscious there are a good selection of lower star hotels and guesthouses.

Negeri Sembilan Eco Tourism

Negeri Sembilan is growing as an eco tourism destination of choice for many travellers who are realising the natural beauty preserved in the rain forests and mountains of this scenic state.

A trip I always reccommend to tourists in Negeri Sembilan is to the Lata Kijang Waterfalls located deep inside the Kenaboi Forest Reserve in Jelebu.

This is a 3 in 1 adventure as it is a 2 hour off road journey deep into the jungle that is only accessible by 4wd and along the way you can stop off at an authentic Orang Asli settlement before reaching the spectacular sight of the highest single drop waterfall (100m) in Malaysia, the Lata Kijang falls.

If you enjoy the off roading 4wd drive experience then NS has many tracks you can follow especially in Jelubu.

Another good location for off roading is the Talang Dam in Kuala Pilah and while here the lake is also a good place for boating or fishing and there are some wooden cabins if you want to stay the night.

The highest peak in Negeri Sembilan is also located in Jelubu, the 1,462 metres high Gunung Antu Besar is inside the Kenaboi forest reserve as is the Jeram Berungut Canyon which affords stunning views for those brave enough to kayak against the current which gets stronger the closer you get to the falls.

Another eco-adventure worth exploring in NS is the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest located just 16km from Seremban the state capital. There are many beautiful picnic spots here with the best ones located next to the crystal clear mountain streams running through the forest.

Should you decide to climb the 825m Bukit Angsi you will be rewarded with scenic views of Seramban and the surrounding area and you will probably be fortunate enough to spot some of the beautiful birdlife indigenous to this part of the world.

Set against a beautiful backdrop of tropical rainforest is the Gading Rapids, although not suitable for kayaking it is a picturesque location for a family picnic where the kids can enjoy the clear flowing waters of the mountain stream.

Located in the Kenaboi Forest the crashing waters off the boulders in the Gading stream are a magnificent sight to behold.

Other Eco destinations of note on the Negeri Sembilan tourism trail are De Bana Recreation Park, Mount Datok and the the beautiful scenery and waterfalls of Jeram Toi Recreation Park.

Seremban Lake Gardens

Located at at Jalan Taman Bunga in the city of Seremban are the delightful Seremban Lake Gardens that is home to two beautiful lakes and an abundance of colourful flora.

The carefully landscaped Seremban lake gardens are a great place for an evening stroll through the manicured lawns displaying many species of herbaceous borders, colourful flowers and indigenous trees.

It is hard to believe this is in the centre of the city and it provides a green escape for the hard working citizens of the state capital.

Tourism Info

The services and tourism sector account for 40% of Negeri Sembilans' gross domestic product.

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