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Historically Pahang business activities have revolved around the timber and fisheries industries and in recent years the petro chemical industry has become an integral part of the economy.
The East Coast Economic Region (ECER) has been a major boost to the Pahang economy with projections that the east coast will be transformed into a developed region by 2020 and Pahang business will be a big beneficiary of this growth.
The future for Pahang business is looking as bright as a Kuantan sunrise, the opportunities for SME's will be huge and the service sector expansion will play a significant role in the success of Pahang Darul Makmur.
Further down the coast the 7km of beautiful continuous beach front at Pantai Sepat has developments in the pipeline that is predicted to generate over 1,000 jobs for the local community with numerous opportunities for SME's.
It is not limited to industrial and manufacturing growth as the Pahang tourism industry is set for a boost with Cherating being billed as a major mainland coastal tourism and heritage destination set for expansion.
The objective of becoming a major industrial and manufacturing zone serving the entire Asia Pacific region is on course to be achieved before 2020. Ambitious? Yes of course, but one must aim high to achieve the growth to boost the Pahang economy to developed region status.
The integrated development of Kuantan Port City (KPC) and Kuantan Port Free Zone will elevate Kuantan Port from the largest on the east coast to an integral part of unlocking the ECER SEZ potential to become the integrated industrial and logistics hub of choice for the petrochemical, palm oil, automotive and container markets.
Kuantan is already well connected to Kuala Lumpur with the east coast expressway and land transportation links will be further improved with the completion of the Eastern Rail Link between Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan.
Obviously not every Pahang business will be in a position or have the foresight to take advantage of any opportunities that will arise. The key is spotting the potential market openings and making the right investment decisions based on solid research and due diligence.
Cue Pahang businessman licking his lips at the heightened business opportunities that may or may not cross his path. History has taught us that development and investment in infrastructure on this scale coupled with incentives to business to invest and relocate to these zones leads to economic prosperity for the area.
The ECER SEZ is the first of its kind in Malaysia and within this zone it is projected that it will attract RM90 billion investment, introduce 220,000 new jobs with a population increase to 1.3 million all before 2020.
The ECER SEZ is a zone covering a 25km by 140km strip that extends from Kertih in Terengganu to Pekan in Pahang. For Pahang business this means that a large strip of Pahangs coastal region (including the state capital Kuantan) is in the heart of this concentration of high impact projects within this highly prospective development zone.
Whilst the wily Pahang businessman was studying the possible opportunities this project may bring, the ECER introduced in 2009 a further Special Economic Zone (SEZ) within the ECER.
The Gambang Halal Park is another significant value adding industry development seeing the emergence of products manufactured in accordance to Shariah principles into a large and growing market.
Further housing developments will be constructed and new communities created together with accompanying shopping malls, hotels, handicraft markets and commercial outlets.
Cameron Highlands has developed an agricultural economy by utilising its fertile soil in tandem with the temperate climate which is an ideal environment for tea plantations.
It's not just tea though, as strawberry farms are also in abundance on Cameron, allowing the tourism and agricultural industries to intertwine with remarkable ease giving the savvy travellers escaping the heat below many choices of places to visit and indulge.
Harvesting Tea Cameron Highlands
Strawberry Farm Cameron Highlands
Camillia Sinensis Tea Plant

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The green rolling hills of Cameron are now rife with the camellia sinensis tea plant and what started as a cottage industry has transformed itself to help meet the demands of tea lovers worldwide.
Pahang tourism and the service sector are two high areas of employment and very important cogs in the machinery of Pahang economic growth.

The Green Rolling Hills Of Pahang Business

Cameron Highlands Strawberries