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Historically the primary draw was that Genting with the Casino De Genting was the only venue where you can legally gamble in Malaysia.
Under its official name of Resorts World Genting there are six hotels with over 10,000 rooms that are occupied by in excess of 20 million guests every year.
If the cool highland temperatures aren't enough and you would like to experience something a bit more extreme then Snow World with a bracing minus 5 degrees Celsius should do the trick.
If the cold air does not take your breath away then the thrilling Cresta Run snow slide is sure to succeed and give you an adrenaline rush to remember.
The evenings entertainment is not just confined to dining, drinking, karaoke or gambling as Genting is also home to The Arena Of Stars, The Pavilion, Genting International Showroom and two Cineplex cinemas seating 164 people in each.
The internationally acclaimed Arena Of Stars has seen an array of artistes from around the world performing on stage in this fine acoustically tuned auditorium.
The Genting International Showroom is a hi-tech multi-media Pahang entertainment venue that can seat 1,700 people and is capable of showcasing theatre classics, concerts or events.
The latest addition to Gentings impressive entertainment venues is the Pavilion Hall located at First World Plaza. It is a highly configurable performance hall that can be set up stadium style to accommodate 2,000 spectators or as the whole Pavilion giving it a maximum capacity of 6,000.
If travelling by car or bus to Genting be prepared for the helter-skelter road that spirals its way up the dizzying hill on a never ending right hand bend, or, if you really want to arrive in a relaxed style then why not take the Skyway Cable Car to the top and take in the magnificent scenic view on the way.
If Las Vegas is billed as the entertainment capital of the world then Genting Highlands, dubbed 'The City Of Entertainment' certainly lives up to its nickname as it is clearly the foremost entertainment and leisure industry development in Malaysia.
The premier Pahang Entertainment venue is Genting Highlands, situated at an elevation of 1,800 metres above sea level it is a setting that affords a refreshingly cool respite from the sweltering heat of Kuala Lumpur some 50km away.

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Genting Highlands
For the avid golfer the Awana Genting Highlands Country Club is the place to indulge in your favourite sporting passion at a highly more agreeable temperature and humidity than the courses at lesser elevations above sea level offer.
Gentings' 3 theme parks The Outdoor Theme Park, The First World Indoor Theme Park and The Water Park offer a variety of adrenalin pumping rides and activities including;
However as the resort grew it gained a more family based focus with theme parks, nearly 200 dining and shopping outlets, shows, business convention facilities and various extended Pahang entertainment options to keep the whole family amused.
Its impressive theatrical stage equipment includes flying towers and a revolving stage to compliment the latest in hi-tech sound and light systems.
Warm winter clothing (winter jacket, boots and gloves) are supplied on entrance but absolutely no shorts, sandals or slippers are allowed and you must be wearing trousers and socks.
Whether it be a European orchestra, a top rock band or an instrumental soloist the state of the art sound and lighting system is fully equipped to provide the platform for exemplary performance in this 6,000 seat capacity amphitheatre.
Experiencing this winter wonderland in tropical Malaysia is a must especially for the curious who have never experienced a northern hemisphere winter before.
The Rainforest Splash Pool, The Flying Coaster (a hang gliding roller coaster) and the Genting Sky Venture where you can experience the thrill of sky diving in an artificial wind tunnel.

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