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The Pahang sport and leisure enthusiasts like to pursue some very out of the ordinary pastimes from diverse and relatively new sports like Woodball to braving the monsoon east coast seas in the annual Kuantan challenge or monsoon madness as it used to be called.
Woodball is an interesting Pahang sport that combines the objectives of golf with the technique and equipment of croquet. The game is played on a course, or as the International Woodball Federation (IWBF) call it a fairway.
Fancy a game of golf but do not relish the thought of hauling all those golf clubs around 18 holes in tropical temperatures? Yes? Then this is no problem as the highlands of Pahang are home to 4 golf clubs.
When everybody thinks the water is too rough to enter then it is probably the monsoon season and at Balok Beach in Kuantan you might find a congregation of adrenaline junkies about to participate in the Kuantan Challenge that is one of five legs of the Asian Windsurfing Tour.
The International Pahang River Rafting Expedition is an exciting annual event covering more than 320 km of the Pahang River in various rafts made only from bamboo.
The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge is attaining international recognition since its inception in 2004. Organised by the Joran Unit of Berita Harian, a popular Malay language national newspaper it is a competition whereby 3 anglers across 2 days of competition try to catch as many Marlin or Sailfish as they can, with each Marlin gaining 1,000 points and Sailfish 500 points.
This annual Pahang sport event is held off the coast of Kuala Rompin and takes advantage of the migratory pattern the billfish follow between the months of March and September on their route from the northern hemisphere to Australian waters.
Starting in Temerloh and ending at Kuala Pahang, Pekan the expedition takes 5 days to complete and stop offs are pre-arranged at certain villages along the route.
Actually Balok Beach is an ideal location for windsurfing as its huge bay offers 16 km of coastline with no sudden drop offs or reefs and with consistent wind speeds of between 10 - 20 knots it is not just a safe windsurfing environment but also an established world class windsurfing venue.
Situated at 1,300 metres above sea level is the Frasers Hill Golf Club that has been reduced to a nine hole par 36 course but can still conjure up plenty of problems to the above average golfer in what is a delightfully picturesque setting.
Sitting at 950 metres above sea level is the Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Club that is set in some undulating terrain to offer a genuine challenge to the optimistic golfer.
Located just 5 minutes north of Tanah Rata is the Cameron Highland Golf Club which is an 18 hole par 71 course spanning 6,101 metres, there are plenty of hotels surrounding this golf club including the Cameron Highland Resort and at an elevation in excess of 1,500 metres will yield the perfect golfing temperature.
Pahang has more woodball courses than anywhere in Malaysia and the course at Lanjut, near Kuala Rompin, Pahang is considered a world class course and probably the best in Malaysia.
To complete a fairway you must hit the ball through what is called a gate which is a small goalpost at the end of the fairway measuring 21 cm in height by 15 cm in width.
There are 2 ways to play with the first being who completes the course in the least amount of shots and the second who wins the most fairways with least amount of points as a back up of in case of a tie.
As in golf there can be many natural or man made obstacles to overcome and 2 fairways must be left curving and 2 must be right curving. The width of the fairway should be no less than 3 metres and no wider than 10 metres and the grass cut to a short length before any game commences.
There are 12 fairways with each having individual characteristics such as being short or long in length and within a tolerance of 30 - 130 metres there must be at least 2 short holes and 2 long holes.

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Berjaya Hills Golf and Country Club
Formerly known as Bukit Tinggi, the Berjaya Golf and Country Club course is an international class course sitting high in the hills with the Chateau Spa Resort and Colmar Tropicale Village its close neighbours.

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The Berjaya Hills Golf and Country Club resides at a refreshing 770 metres above sea level and the rolling greens and fairways are considered to provide a stern challenge to the accuracy of your stroke play.