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The stunning geological grace afforded to Tioman Island and Taman Negara (National Park) are but two of the stand out gems in the Pahang tourism marketing brochures that are genuine examples of outstanding natural beauty.
Tioman Island offers the ideal location for your honeymoon as this island is one of the most photogenically beautiful islands you can ever imagine and it will give the perfect romantic backdrop for stunning photographs that you will treasure for ever.
Pahang is home to Malaysias' national park Taman Negara covering 4,343 sq km of both lowland and highland rainforest. Peninsula Malaysias' highest peak is located in Taman Negara where at 2,187 metres Mount Tahan presents a combined challenge of jungle trekking just to reach the base of the mountain and an interesting climb to reach the top.
Pahang tourism offers more national parks than just Taman Negara with Kenong Rimba Park which is popular for its clear mountain streams, waterfalls and caves and the Endau-Rompin State Park on the southernmost Johor border with both parks gaining popularity with eco tourists.
The resort town on Bukit Tinggi is a recent addition to Pahangs highland hill station developments with a Zen inspired Japanese village at 1,070 metres while the French themed resort town of Colmar Tropicale at a slightly lower elevation is probably the highlight of the Bukit Tinggi experience.
If interested in staying overnight there are chalets, hostels and camping facilities available as well as some nice restaurants.
There are many exciting adventures to be enjoyed in Taman Negara including jungle trekking, wildlife watching, boating, cave exploration, river rafting, mountain climbing, tree top walks and guided tours of the forest are available if required.
Just entering the park is an adventure in itself as it involves a 3 hour boat trip along the Tembeling River until you reach Kuala Tahan and the parks headquarters.
With the only development on Tioman being the many resorts on the coast it leaves the rainforest in all its natural glory and there is a tough 7 km jungle trek crossing the hilly terrain between Tekek and Juara where the flora and fauna can be enjoyed during a 4 hour trek.
Tioman island is also home to one of the last remaining virgin Dipterocarp Rainforests in the South China Sea that is inhabited by an exotic array of wildlife inclusive of some protective species such as mousedeer, binturong, long-tailed macaque, slow loris, black giant squirrel and brushtailed porcupine. Fortunately for these creatures there are no large predators waiting to eat them on Tioman although there is a healthy population of various amphibians and reptiles.
There are many interesting dive sites in the Tioman Marine Park where the still waters make for perfect underwater photography opportunities.
Visibility in the crystal clear waters around Tioman island is between a respectable 20 - 30 metres and the average water temperature is a warm 28 degrees centigrade making any trip to the sun kissed beaches of Tioman a fantastic experience.
This cluster of islands were designated their protective marine park status as a means of preserving the abundant coral reefs in the area that are home to 1,000's of species of varying marine life such as barracudas, napoleon fish, turtles, stingrays, murray eels, reef sharks, golden striped trevally, bumphead parrotfish, blue ring angelfish, clownfish and shoals of fusiliers.
The other islands in this diverse marine park are Tulai, Chebeh, Sepoi, Labas, Sembilang, Seri Buat, Tokong Bahara and Jahat.
Lying 56 km off the southern Pahang coast spanning 38 km in length and 19 km in width at its widest point Tioman island is the largest and most developed island in the government protected Tioman Marine Park.
Tioman is not just about idyllic white sandy beaches and an azure blue sea as it is also home to some world class dive sites that have earned international recognition for the diverse nature of the coral reef and pelagic life available for you to discover at this Pahang tourism paradise island.

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There are a combination of shallow and deep dives to experience as well as the opportunity to go night diving to witness the nocturnal behaviour of the various pelagic lifeforms here, not to mention the various ship wrecked vessels lying on the shallow ocean floor just waiting to be explored.