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I was always going to watch this movie but after seeing the trailers I was convinced Green Lantern was going to be one of the fantastic must see movies of 2011, how wrong I was.

I was expecting to see a lot more similar scenes that I had seen in the trailers, unfortunately these turned out to be as good as it got.
The excellent scene where our hero Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds is exploring the potential of his new found powers during a training session with fellow Green Lanterns led me to believe the actual battles with the real villains of the movie would steal the show. The reality failed to surpass this premature high unfortunately.
The lacklustre Villains of Green Lantern are a CGI generated entity called Parallax and an under used Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard). While we learn the origins of Parallax and the threat that it imposes on the entire universe there is no villainous character to this entity that can engage the audience with any imaginary anxiety or indeed real interest.
Hector Hammond is an average scientist who becomes infected by a dead alien and goes through a metamorphosis into a mind reading pawn of Parallax with a bulbous head and telekinetic powers that are also under used.
Green Lanterns Assemble
As Hammond is on the periphery of Parallaxs' path of destruction he becomes the only villain with any depth of character, but this is more of a sub plot and I cannot help but think that his character should have been better utilised with a more compelling storyline.
Having Hammond killed off also makes it difficult to explore the potential of what could have been a very interesting villain in any future Green Lantern movies, but hey, this is sci-fi anything can happen:-)
Ryan Reynolds is the unconvincing star of the movie with his pretty boy good looks and Hollywood physique. His performance bordered between delivering some cocky one liners that drew a smile to the self doubting reckless character he played nearly becoming a self fulfilling prophecy; All in all not quite super hero material.
The CGI portrayal of the Green Lanterns home planet 'Oa' is impressive and captivates your imagination. It is here that some of the best scenes of the movie are played out and unlike the earth bound scenes they are portrayed exceptionally well in 3D.
It is on Oa that Jordan meets all 3,000 of his fellow Green Lanterns that each have a designated sector of the universe they are duty bound to protect. There are some interesting aliens including their leader Sinestro (Mark Strong) who instantly dislikes Jordans' arrogance and considers him weak and not worthy of being a Lantern.
The impressive C.V of director Martin Campbell whose credits include the Bond movies Casino Royale and Goldeneye suggested a more cohesive storyline could have been achieved with the 4 screenplay writers' scripts.
Green Lantern is a likeable movie that has its moments of entertainment but I felt a sense of being underwhelmed by what could have been a great movie.
A weak story line overshadows a visually engaging movie but ultimately the Green Lantern lacks the glow of a real sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster.
With Green Lantern it appears that Marvel movies are leaving behind the next generation of super hero movies emanating from the archives of the DC comic book portfolio.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Hal Jordans love interest is the easy on the eye Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) who after a strong start mellows considerably as the movie progresses. However, Ferris' presence on screen does remain quite compelling during the metamorphosis from the tough talking test pilot to a somewhat more meek girly character.
One of the main problems I found with this movie was integrating a storyline into the origins of both the Green Lantern Corps and Parallax the arch villain of the piece. By concentrating too much on the origins it subsequently jumped from world to world resulting in a lack of any depth to what should have been the main story line; The super hero Green Lantern saving the universe from obliteration.
Green Lantern photos taken from posters at GSC Queensbay

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Reviewed by Michael Joseph

A weak story line overshadows a visually engaging movie but ultimately the Green Lantern lacks the sparkle of a real sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster.

Green Lantern is a likeable movie that has its moments of entertainment but I felt a sense of being underwhelmed by what could have been a great movie.

Rating: 2.0
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Green Lantern - What You Should Know

  • Rated: PG-13
  • Running Time: 1 hours 45 minutes
  • Studio: DC Entertainment
  • Distributor: Warner Brothers
  • Directed By: Martin Cambell
  • Written By: Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Michael Goldenberg, Marc Guggenheim
  • Producer: Donald De Line, Greg Berlanti
  • Production Design: Grant Major
  • Cinematography: Dion Beebe
  • Trivial Fact: Quentin Tarantino was considered at one point to be director
  • Trivial Fact: Geoff Johns who helped script the Green Lantern comic was hired as creative consultant.
    Green Lantern - Cast

  • Hal Jordan (Green Lantern): Ryan Reynolds
  • Carol Ferris: Blake Lively
  • Hector Hammond: Peter Sarsgaard
  • Sinestro: Mark Strong
  • Abin Sur: Temuera Morrison
  • Parallax: Clancy Brown (voice)
  • Kilowog: Michael Clarke Duncan (voice)
  • Tomar-Re: Geoffrey Rush (voice)
  • G'Hu: Paul Parducci (voice)
  • Carl Ferris: Jay O Sanders
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  • Seating Capacity: 1512
  • Sound System: SDDS, DTS, SRD
  • Wheelchair Friendly: Yes, all 8 halls
  • Reservation Available: Yes, for GSC members online and at the Queensbay GSC box office
  • Seating: Gold Class, Premier Class and Normal Class
  • 3D Available: Yes