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The subliminal messages Johnny's Restaurant delivers are both wholesome and family oriented.
When at home how often do you see the whole family congregate and openly contribute in the kitchen during the preparation of a meal?
I think there is a good wholesome social element at work here with whole families or groups of friends bonding around a dining table with the focus being what is happening in the centre of the table.
My wifes opinion is totally different to mine and her two friends were the same as they all thought the meal was fantastic.
My favourite was the fresh Salmon closely followed by the Quail eggs but I must add that these tasted rather bland even after adding the spicy sauce to them.
With so many different foods being cooked in one bowl it has a effect on the taste of the soup and it resulted in it having a quite pleasant essence of fish taste about it.
As the food is cooked you can choose to eat out of a soup bowl or off a plate and there is a nice spicy sauce that can be adjusted to your taste with the many seasonings available.
We chose the chicken soup as the liquid to cook our food although there are other flavours like Tom Yam that you can choose from. I tasted this prior to adding any of the food and it had the taste of a nice chicken bouillon about it.
Johnny's staff are quick to deliver the prepared for cooking food and they are delivered in small square dishes ready for loading into the steamboat pot for cooking.
So it was onto restoran Johnny's speciality their Thai steamboat and I let my wife choose the 9 dishes we were to eat.
The beef had been cooked well, it was fat free and easily chewed and everyone enjoyed eating a few slices.
The Barbeque Beef was up next and this proved to be a very nice dish indeed. The beef is carved into thin parcels of meat and is presented on a welcoming oval dish on a bed of vegetables with 2 slices of cucumber, a slice of ginger, a pleasant gravy sauce and a coriander leaf garnish.
The hot and spicy fried rice was also quite tasty although if you were expecting a very hot dish you would be disappointed as they serve a mellow rice dish more suited to families rather than aficionados of the hot chilli padi.
The pineapple fried rice had minute pieces of diced pineapple that barely registered any taste on the palate although it did have some crab sticks that were quite yummy.
We also ordered 2 fried rice dishes which were the Pineapple Fried Rice and the Hot and Spicy Fried Rice.
There were 4 of us dining and as an appetiser we made a good choice to eat the Mango Salad.
Judging by the large number of diners who constantly frequent Johnny's restaurant they are obviously doing something right and as we gaze into the well presented menu and make our order I am about to find out.
Situated in the basement opposite the central escalator there is a constant stream of potential customers passing by making this an excellent location for a restaurant, but this does not guarantee any eaterie success as success is delivered from the quality of food delivered from the kitchen and the question is; Can Restoran Johnny's deliver that culinary success?
So many of my friends always give me tips on the latest steamboat sensation and my wife too is always praising this steamboat dining experience. My impression of steamboat has been somewhat less inspiring but I have an open mind which was to be put to the test when my wife insisted upon visiting Johnny's Restaurant in Queensbay Mall Penang.
Johnny's Restaurant produces a consistent level of good food in a wholesome family environment, so yes I do now understand why this is a popular restaurant franchise in Malaysia.

Johnny's Thai Steamboat
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Johnny's Thai Steamboat Restaurant


Johnny's Thai Steamboat Restaurant

Johnny's Restaurant produces a consistent level of good food in a wholesome family environment

The subliminal messages Johnny's Restaurant delivers are both wholesome and family orientated. Eating at Johnny's produces excellent social bonding results around the dining table. Ohhh, the foods ok lah too!

Johnny's Thai Steamboat Restaurant
Date published: 28/06/2011

Johnny's Thai Steamboat Restaurant Star Rating

3 out of 5 stars

Johnny's Thai Steamboat Restaurant, LG-43 Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, Penang 11900, Malaysia

Phone: +604-642-7328

GPS Latitude - 5.333529 - GPS Longitude - 100.306503

Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00am - 10.30pm - Sat-Sun 10.00am - 10.30pm

Johnny's Steamboat
The Mango Salad consists of shredded green mango, cashew nuts, tomato, green beans and a sour and spicy garlic, chilli and lime sauce that was very tasty.
Mango Salad
Pineapple Fried Rice
Hot and Spicy Fried Rice
Bee Hoon
Barbeque Beef
Chicken Ball
Crisp Squid
Fresh Fish
Freash Salmon Steaks
Both rice dishes delivered a similar texture and consistent taste with a lot of similar ingredients such as shredded egg, vegetables, cucumber, coriander leaf and lime.
My experience of steamboat is still much the same as it always has been as I find the food to be very plain and boring, plus we had to cook it ourselves too!
Judging by the high numbers of customers that frequent Johnny's restaurant in Queensbay Mall I am definitely in the minority with my opinion so maybe I am missing something here?
How often does every member of the family get to choose something that can be added to a meal and shared by everyone?
All these elements are present during a steamboat meal and it is an excellent social bonding experience.
Eating at Johnny's produces excellent social bonding results around the dining table. Oh, the foods ok lah too!
Fresh Salmon(x2) RM 17.80
Chicken Ball RM3.90
Crisp Squid RM2.60
Crab Stick RM3.60
Quail Eggs RM2.10
Bee Hoon RM1.00
Oyster Mushroom RM2.50
Mango Salad RM7.90
BBQ Beef RM9.90
Pineapple Juice RM2.95
Lime Juice RM2.95
Young Corn RM1.80
Pineapple Fried Rice RM5.95
Spicy Fried Rice RM5.95
Johnny's Thai Steamboat Restaurant Useful Information
Cuisine/Theme: Thai Steamboat
Directions: Lower ground floor of Queensbay Mall
Halal: Yes
Free Wi-Fi: No
Accept Reservations: Yes
Vegetarian Friendly: Yes
Wheelchair Friendly: Yes, limited to tables nearest to entrance
Accept Credit Cards: Yes
Allow Smoking: No
Take Away Food Available: Yes
Parking: Plentiful parking in Queensbay shopping mall car park
Party/Events: Yes, contact management to arrange
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