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I cannot help but think if the quality of their entrees' is so good surely it cannot be too gastronomically challenging for the chef to go the extra mile and serve some tantalisingly tastier soups for a starter.
The menu in Sri Malaya is small, but I get the impression from the two main meals we chose that the emphasis is on quality over quantity, I believe this is a good culinary practice concentrating on what you are good at.
To drink we just imbibed one green tea and one coffee.

Sri Malaya is situated in a pre world war II heritage building in Georgetown, although not a large restaurant it has a fresh and clean cut ambience quite conducive to fine dining.
He unequivocally stated that it was the best pasta he had eaten since his arrival in Penang a couple of years back, wow!
My dining companion heralds from Europe and as long as he has been here he has complained that he cannot find a restaurant to serve pasta like the Europeans do, so I was especially interested in his opinion on the Carbonara Fettuccine.
The answer to that question was an emphatic yes! This was a well prepared quality meal. The creamy sauce complimented both the fish and the mash potato very well and the caviar on top added a fishy zing to the meal that was not overpowering and seemed to combine seamlessly with the other ingredients.
This was very well presented and definitely had me licking my lips in anticipation while I snapped a few photos of the meal, but could it live up to its expectations and pass the taste test?
For our main course I ordered the Grilled Fish with Fresh Vegetables and my friend decided on the Carbonara Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon and Wild Mushrooms.
I was expecting some type of cabbage and potato soup but it turned out more like a mixture of tomato and vegetable with an inkling of Paprika lingering in the background.
After browsing the menu we both selected the only soups available on the menu with my choice being the Russian Soup and my friend selecting the Mushroom Soup.
Knowing my penchant for trying new places I happily agreed and discovered a very pleasant gastronomic environment not just in the heart of the heritage trail but a Unesco World Heritage Site too!
Recently I was arranging to meet an old friend for dinner and when discussing possible Georgetown venues he suggested why not try a heritage restaurant called Sri Malaya located at No1 Ropewalk just off Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia).

Sri Malaya Heritage
Restaurant Map Location

Sri Malaya Grilled Fish With Fish Eggs

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant

Sri Malaya Restaurant serves up good quality cuisine within the confines of an atmospheric Georgetown Heritage building

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant has a fresh and clean cut ambience quite conducive to fine dining and what their relatively small menu lacked in quantity it made up for in the high quality of their entrees

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant
Date published: 22/01/2011

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant Star Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant, No 1 Rope Walk, Georgetown, Penang 10100, Malaysia

Phone: +604-261-3763

GPS Latitude - 5.418576

GPS Longitude - 100.335484

Hours: Wed-Mon 12.00pm - 03.00pm - Wed-Mon 06.00pm - 11.00pm

Sri Malaya Heritage Restaurant
It was quite nice but not breathtaking. My friends comments on the mushroom soup were slightly better than mine and he was quite impressed with the quality of the taste.
Russian Soup
Wild Mushroom Soup
Carbonara Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon and Wild Mushrooms
Grilled Fish With Fish Eggs and Vegetables
Fish Eggs On Grilled Fish
My meal arrived with the fish placed on top of mashed potato, it was coated with a creamy white sauce and adorned with fish eggs with the fresh vegetables being artistically placed on one side of the entree.
The fresh vegetables were........well, fresh vegetables, they were not over cooked and added a good healthy nutritional balance to the meal.
High praise indeed from this normally gastronomically critical diner, I thought maybe I should try this pasta here some time in the future.
Sri Malaya Decor
Sri Malaya Counter
Sri Malaya Dining
Sri Malaya No1 Ropewalk Georgetown
Grilled Fish With Fish Eggs
Green Tea Sri Malaya