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Meanwhile, back in Georgetown in the heart of the heritage trail on Armenian Street is the Islamic Museum showcasing the history of Islam in Malaysia with a special focus on Penang. This is an interesting museum to visit regardless of your religious beliefs.
Galeri Art Point is a local Penang art gallery that displays some interesting art exhibits in its two Penang art galleries in Sunny Point Complex (opposite USM) and Burma Square in Georgetown.
The Yahong Art Gallery in the beach resort of Batu Ferringhi displays a huge variety of artwork and handicrafts including many sought after original batik paintings of the artist Chuah Thean Teng.
The Tuanku Fauziah Museum and Gallery is located within USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) and focuses on a balance between heritage, modern and contemporary art.
A popular art gallery for the tourists is actually called The Art Gallery Penang and is located on Belissa Row in Georgetown. Here you can find exhibits by famous Malaysian and Asian artists alike mixed in with the seasonal exhibitions that are changed on a regular basis.
Another unusual Penang museum and the only one of its kind in Malaysia is the Toy Museum located in Tanjung Bungah.
Malaysias very own Elvis Presley heralded from the betel nut shores of Penang. The accomplished singer and actor P. Ramlee was born in what is now known as Jalan P Ramlee and his former house is now the P. Ramlee Museum honouring his lifetime achievements in the music and movie industries.
The museum resides in the confines of an 1860's Penang mansion that was built by a spice trader from Acheh who was called Syed Al-Attas, it was transformed into the Islamic Museum in 2004.
The main Penang museum is the State Museum located at Light Street in Georgetown it houses a fine collection of Maps, Charts, Old Photographs, Malay Daggers, Furniture, Embroidery, Paintings and various other Historical Relics.
The Penang War Museum located in the south of the island in Batu Maung is in a former British fort built before WW2. It gives an insight into what life was like on Penang during the war and it is the only one of its kind in all of Malaysia.
Fascinating military history revealed in the Penang War Museum

Penang Arts Reviews

Interview With Penang Artist Julius Saw - His Artwork defined
Interview With Penang Artist Stefany Ting - Her Fine Art Revealed
The Penang Arts scene is alive and thriving amidst the creative endeavours of its gifted artisans displaying their wares at various handicraft markets and galleries around Penang.
Then there is the wonderful Arts and Crafts Market which occurs during the Little Penang Street Market on the last Sunday of every month in the pedestrian section of the Upper Penang Road.
Venturing up to the Sidewalk Bazaar that occurs every evening in Batu Ferringhi there are various little handicraft and artistic gems that can be found amongst the souvenirs, T shirts and Bags.
I had the good fortune to stumble upon two young and up and coming Penang artists while visiting my favourite Penang live music venue.
They were commissioned to design and paint a rather large mural on an internal wall of said establishment and I took advantage of this situation by recording interviews with them for this website.
It was both fun and interesting watching this work of art unfold and you can read here how local Penang artist Julius Saw defines his style of art while fellow Penang artist Stefany Ting also reveals all about her fine artistry.

Arts And Crafts

Khoo Kongsi Decorative Artwork
Batu Feringghi Bazaar Penang
This Penang handicraft market combines over 70 stalls with food, live performances, visual arts and traditional handicrafts. All the products on sale are local and related to Malaysian Heritage and Tradition.
This is an interesting market but be prepared to haggle over the price of everything.
Penang State Museum
Edelweiss Cafe Antique Clock
Some of the best batik in Penang is sold here and a wide selection of fine Chinese jewellery made from ivory, jade, lapis lazuli and other semiprecious stones is available for the discerning shopper.
There is an interesting collection of artefacts relating to traditional forms of the performing arts and it is also home to a substantial collection of modern art.
Equator Academy Of Art Georgetown
Jin Xiu Art Gallery Georgetown
Hidden away in the heart of Georgetowns heritage belt is a great gallery called Jin-Xiu Art Gallery and Tea House. Here you can enjoy a good range of Chinese Teas while you peruse the many paintings on show.
The Jin-Xiu Art Gallery focuses on local artworks giving the artisans a platform to display their wares and is a place I highly recommend for art and heritage lovers to visit.
Original paintings by new, established and international artists are available for your appreciation in this collection of fine artistry.

Penang Museums

Penang Art Galleries

Penang Artists

This features over 100,000 items that will bring back fond memories to those of a certain age and despite what your initial thoughts may be is quite an interesting place to visit.
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