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Penang Pubs are set up to cater for numerous tastes and pleasures.

Penang Bars and Pubs

The place I must start this introduction is one of my favourite haunts of all Penang pubs, Soho. Situated on Penang Road in Georgetown this is an English style rocking Penang pub that serves cheap beer, great food and plays great music.
Best of all you can while away many hours happily watching the world go by on this busy street by sitting on one of the tables nestled directly outside this fine establishment.
Further up and into the Upper Penang Road there is a row of Penang bars that feed the clubbing crowd before they are ready to descend onto the throbbing dance floors of the chic Penang nightclub scene.
The popular backpacker area of Chulia Street is home to the interesting Hong Kong bar which in days gone by was nicknamed  the Aussie bar because of its popularity with Australian armed forces personnel.
A popular haunt for the back packing crowd on Chulia Street is the Reggae Bar and most days of the week you will find a good crowd exchanging stories of their travels around SE Asia over a cool beer with Bob Marley playing in the background.
Close to the Penang Road section of Chulia Street is the Blue Diamond hotel where live music in an al fresco environment is the order of the day.
There are several Penang pubs of distinction around the Gurney Drive area most notably Bagan Lounge with its heritage style architecture and slick interior design it is popular with the 30 something crowd and ex-pat workers.
Finnegans, fresh from the success of their Kuala Lumpur bars have opened a similar themed Irish pub close by to Gurney in the trendy Tanjung Bungah area and it is already proving popular with the locals.
Just south of the bridge there is an abundance of Penang bars around the Crystal Point area of Bayan Lepas including Baileys, Habanas, After 5 and Fireplace.
Fireplace Bar is a firm favourite of expats workers in the Free Trade Zone nearby but it also has a good local following due to the warm and friendly nature of their excellent manager Aru.
Around the trendy Queensbay Mall area of Bayan Lepas there are more bars like Beer O' Clock, Terminal One, Queens Bistro, TGI Fridays, Oxo and the latest addition to this area the Berlin Bier House.
The themes of many of these bars and pubs vary greatly from old English pub (Soho or Fireplace) to traditional Irish bar (OB's at the Equatorial or Finnegans) to more colourful themes like Terminal One that has an airport theme and the manager dresses as a pilot.
There is also every theme imaginable in between like Hawaiian, Sports, German, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Balinese, Swiss............I could go on.

Penang has bars and pubs aplenty to satisfy the thirstiest of visitors and locals alike.
Further north in the Batu Ferringhi area there is the aptly named Sunset Bar and for the rock and roll aficionados there is the Hard Rock Hotel and all that this illustrious brand entails.
There is a wealth of armed forces memorabilia adorning the walls of this fine establishment but sadly it is only a fraction of what used to be there as a fire a few years back destroyed many of its valuable relics.

Gurney Bars

Bayan Lepas Bars

Georgetown Pubs

Thirst Quenching Penang Bars

Another firm favourite in this area is located at The G Hotel and is a popular Jazz bar called The G spot.
Finnegans Irish Pub And Restaurant
Fireplace Bar Bayan Baru Penang
Fireplace Bar American Pool Table
Hong Kong Bar Chulia Street Georgetown Penang
Reggae Bar Chulia Street Georgetown Penang
Soho Pub Penang Road Georgetown
Uptown Bistro Georgetown Penang
Rain Pub And Bistro Georgetown
Monkey Bar Upper Penang Road Georgetown
From the early evening hotspots serving the after work crowd to the night owls who are just warming up for an evenings clubbing, there are plenty of thirst quenching Penang bars to satisfy the most perspicacious of tastes.