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I would highly recommend Edelweiss Cafe on both a heritage and gastronomic level, also although usually closed, the upstairs is an actual museum full of Penang Antiquities and on special request to the owners they sometimes allow a guided tour if the restaurant is not too busy.
Edelweiss Cafe is an ideal Georgetown eaterie with a varied menu, although on this occasion I chose what is essentially a German dish there are many authentic Swiss dishes on the Menu such as Cheese Fondue and Roesti as well as a few local delicacies.
Next up the Bratwurst Sausage, this was typical German style fayre, ample in size with a very savoury taste. It was served with a side salad, stringy mashed Potato, German Mustard and a mouth watering onion gravy.
The Pumpkin Soup arrived together with Garlic Bread to dip, it was decorated with Parsley and had an infusion of Cream to add to the texture and taste. The soup was quite tasty and heartily enjoyed.
I ordered the Pumpkin Soup starter followed by the Bratwurst Sausage with a pot of Green Tea to drink.
This 150 year old heritage building has been lavishly restored to a degree where you are unsure whether you are entering a museum or a restaurant.
Calling Edelweiss a cafe is a grand understatement, even though there are no airs and graces from the efficient and friendly staff this fine Penang restaurant has the ambience and nostalgia of an atmospheric eaterie that has been there, done that and is still delivering top notch cuisine.
Edelweiss is an ideal Georgetown eaterie that is popular with both the locals and tourists alike and if you want to impress your friends you will not be disappointed in this fine establishment.
Edelweiss Cafe is a fine Penang restaurant that is located in the heart of the Georgetown Heritage trail on Armenian Street. Edelweiss Cafe serves up traditional Swiss, European and local food brought to your table promptly and with a smile by their hospitable waitresses.

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Edelweiss Cafe

Edelweiss Cafe Antique Clock

Edelweiss Cafe

Edelweiss is a fine Penang restaurant set in a traditional Georgetown heritage building serving delightful European cuisine

Edelweiss Cafe serves up traditional Swiss cuisine and local food, brought to your table with a smile. An ideal Georgetown eaterie in Armenian Street

Edelweiss Cafe
Date published: 22/06/2010

Edelweiss Cafe Star Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars

Edelweiss Cafe, 38 Armenian Street, Georgetown, Penang 10200, Malaysia

Phone: +60-4-261-8935

GPS Latitude - 5.414871 - GPS Longitude - 100.337984

Hours: Tues-Fri 11.00am - 03.00pm: Tues-Fri 06.30pm - 10.00pm

Sat 12.00am - 10.00pm: Sun 12.00am - 07.00pm - (Closed On Mondays)

Edelweiss Cafe Antique Clock
With its antique clocks and furniture all tastefully located throughout this fine Georgetown eaterie the ambience created can easily make you believe you are in a high class restaurant of yesteryear.
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