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November 11th 2004 was a momentous day in the story of the Perak entertainment industry as it heralded the opening of The Lost World Of Tambun theme park in Sunway City Ipoh.
While on the subject of animals the Taiping Zoo is located in the beautiful setting of Taiping Lake Gardens nearby to Larut Hill. Covering 34 acres it is home to Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Hornbills, Orang Utans, Reptiles and many others.
Unusually, the largest cinema complex in Perak is not in its state capital Ipoh but in Taiping where the Taiping Sentral entertains its customers with seven screens displaying the latest blockbuster movies. Not to be left out Ipoh comes back with a Golden Screens Cinema with 3 screens at Ipoh Parade and the Tanjung Golden Village at Kinta City with 6 screens respectfully.
The Zoo have successfully introduced the Taiping Night Safari where visitors are guided through an artificial moonlit part of the park where nocturnal animals gather in an environment similar to their natural wildlife surroundings.

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The entertainment in Perak doesn't stop there though as it is also home to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort with its water theme park and Orangutan island being its main attractions.
Currently there are 180 species of animal totalling 1,300 individuals and Taiping Zoo has been very successful in its breeding programme for the animals housed here.

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