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Perak restaurants are fortunate to call upon the skills and culinary artistry of some of the reputed to be best chefs in Malaysia.
When covering Perak restaurants it is impossible to overlook the coffee culture that has developed over the years featuring a very Perakian local product called Ipoh White Coffee.
The chefs of Ipoh claim the bean sprouts grown locally are fatter and tastier than grown elsewhere and this is just one of the secrets behind the success of an iconic Ipoh signature dish called Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken.
In Pangkor there are a couple of seafood restaurants enjoying repeat customers from word of mouth recommendations.
They also offer a homestay option as well as catering for the corporate market whose clients might prefer a taste of western food.
A Perak restaurant with a difference is the Kafe Paprika located at the University Technology Petronas at Tronoh which is about a 35 minute drive from Ipoh.
A fusion of Southern Fujian cuisine with local Malaysian spices has resulted in the Assam Restaurant in Persiaran Greentown (Ipoh) to garner a reputation for serving some of the finest Asian delicacies in Perak.
A great breakfast treat can be found at the Restoran Foh San on Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar where the Dim Sum delicacies on offer will have you purring with culinary delight and definitely returning for more.
Two such examples with good reputations are the Onn Kee and Lou Wong restaurants that stand on opposite corners of the same street like two gastronomic prize fighters ready to dual for the accolade of the best Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken served in the tin city.
Admittedly these are few and far between but it is best to confirm what method is used before deciding to patronise any establishment.
There are a great many coffee shops cum restaurants in Ipoh serving delicious white coffee but you must also beware that some unscrupulous operators will try to pass off serving you instant white coffee from a packet rather than serving you the ground beans brewed by the correct method.

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Ipoh Old Town White Coffee
Peraks' masters of the wok, grill and oven have been delighting satisfied patrons with timeless Perak recipes such as Rendang Tok, Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken, Ipoh Bee Hoon Soup and Ipoh Sar Hor Fun to name but a few.
As the name suggests it heralds from the state capital and it is created by roasting coffee beans with palm-oil margarine that results in a lighter roast with a less bitter and more subtle taste that has taken Malaysia by storm.
There are a number of Ipoh restaurants that claim to serve the creme de la creme of this dish and you will not be disappointed at dining in many of these fine gastronomic establishments.
The sweet toothed Ipohians also like to indulge in the all time Malaysian favourite of Cendol with quite a few hawkers satisfying this never ending demand.
The Sin Nam Huat Seafood Restaurant offers an extensive menu with the chef illustrating some ingenious methods of cooking seafood and the Restoran Pasir Bogak has a reputation for serving the highest quality seafood dishes from a wide and very select menu.

Masters Of The Wok, Grill And Oven

The menu is Mediterranean and is diverse to the point whereby it serves dishes from both the North African and European sides of the Med'.
Their extensive lip smacking menu is the tip of the iceberg for the entrepreneurial proprietors running this restaurant as it also doubles up as a top notch cooking school.