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At The Lost World Of Tambun there are a number of sporting activities for the rugged outdoor types to get their teeth into starting with the 40 rock climbing routes just waiting to be scaled. There is a beginners playground for the less experienced and a number of other climbs of varying degrees of difficulty including the Mammut Wall, The Needle, Laguna and the Tiger Wall.
The famous Perak Turf Club has a history dating back to 1886 and the famous course is reputed to be one of the best in Malaysia.
The Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort is one of the most beautiful golf courses in SE Asia, its fairways and greens are spread over 700 acres of fascinating flora and glistening lakes where its breathtaking beauty is said to distract many a good shot.
The 18-Hole Championship Taiping Golf and Country Club provides a perfect getaway for the whole family as it is part of the Taiping Resort in Jalan Bukit Jana.
The Damai Laut Golf and Country Club in Lumut overlooks the sea to Pangkor Island and is nestled in between the Dinding and Sempit Rivers giving a unique location to play the par 72 eighteen holes.
Any Perak white water rafting enthusiasts will be pleased to know they can tackle the grade 1 - 3 rapids of the Kampar River. This Perak sport adventure can take up to three hours to complete as you traverse your way through an adrenaline pumping minimum of at least 10 rapids.
After a 5 minute jungle trek leading to a cave entrance you can access the 2 metre Two Mouthed Waterfall and it is a great place to literally chill (the water's icy cold) before braving the long tunnel back to civilisation.
I admit Jurassic Park or the Land That Time Forgot crossed my mind but there are no flesh eating monsters here (if you discount the mother in-law) only insects, birds and a variety of freshwater fish in the picturesque lake.
Equipped with bright torch lights illuminating the pitch black  tunnel you can still see the amazing geological formations on the walls and ceilings and although it is difficult to see the wildlife here you can hear them and feel them swimming around you.
If you still have some energy to burn then go for the three hour cave exploration at the Six Mile Tunnel. You will have to swim across a small stretch of water just to reach the cave entrance and when there be prepared for wading through chest deep water inside a tunnel while all the time careful to keep your footing.
The eco enthusiast in you can be satisfied on one of the jungle tracks threading through the deep limestone hill forests of the Lost World of Tambun where you can witness the flora and fauna leading to waterfalls and mysterious cave systems.
The Tiger Wall is aptly named because it is beside the actual tiger enclosure, but fortunately there are no tigers licking their lips at the thought of lunch arriving via a falling mountaineer as they are at a safe distance and you will have safety equipment to prevent such an accident.

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Perak Turf Club
Royal Perak Golf Club
Perak Turf Club
Damai Laut Golf And Country Club Perak
The premier classic race held here is the Coronation Cup run over 1,600 metres, the two other races of distinction held here are the Perak Derby, at 2,400 metres the longest race on the Malaysia-Singapore circuit, and the Sultan Gold Vase, the only event run over 1,100 metres on the straight course.
Perak will also keep the keen golfer happy with some glorious golf courses that take full advantage of what the equatorial terrain has to offer.
The Royal Perak Golf Club in Ipoh is over 100 years old and has staged the Malaysian Open on two occasions so a challenging 18 holes are guaranteed at this fine Perak golf club.
The Extreme Park can provide the petrol heads plenty of thrills with an All Terrain Vehicle Course for Quad biking and a Go Karting Track to zoom around. The go kart track has many twists and turns and one hairpin bend; because the track is concrete if there is any rain you will be drifting around using a lot of over and under steer which is great fun if not quite as fast.
If the adrenaline is still pumping after taking the chequered flag you can always go to the driving range and try to improve your tee shots by whacking 100 golf balls as far as you can. It's a great feeling when you actually catch a ball dead centre and it flies straight to the end of the range, unfortunately that does not happen too often for me.

Extreme Park

The 27 hole course introduces some interesting challenges set in 3 different categories, the Rain Tree Nine, The Lakes Nine and The Wetlands Nine giving you ample opportunity to lose your balls. Good Luck!
At the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort you can fish the massive lake to your hearts content or even take to the water in a canoe or kayak.
Bukit Merah Fishing

Ipoh International Run

The Ipoh International Run saw its 15th annual event take place in 2010. Over 11,000 runners participated in races that again saw domination from the Kenyan athletes.
This successful Perak sport event is a highlight in the Ipoh sport calendar because of the foreign interest in the races from participants, press and spectators form countries as far afield as Kenya, India, Thailand, Indonesia, China, United States, Britain, Germany, Canada and Australia.

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Rock Climbing Wall At Lost World Of Tambun
I would imagine a few raised eyebrows when writing about the Perak sport and leisure industry if I wrote about a theme park, but the Lost World Of Tambun and Sunway City Extreme Park (both Ipoh) are two contenders worthy of the scrutiny of any sports enthusiast.
Eventually the tunnel widens and you are met with the wondrous sight of the greenery of trees, plants and colourful flowers with birds chirping in the background it actually does give the impression you have reached another world.
For those keen on teeing off on picturesque championship courses then Perak will keep you under par and happy with the grand locations available to the Perak golfer.
There are various jungle hiking and cycling routes that can also be enjoyed
Bukit Merah Lake and Jetty