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At nearly 2 km in length Gua Tempurung has been proposed to UNESCO as a limestone heritage site, it is the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia and consists of five huge domes with each showcasing some fascinating geology.
The Royal Belum State Park has been proposed to UNESCO as a rainforest, jungle and biodiversity heritage site and is home to a diverse range of wildlife including elephants, the sambar deer, mouse deer, tapirs, wild boars, hornbills, the sumatran rhino, seladang, bears and tigers.
Located within the lush Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is the 14 hectare Orangutan Island where Orangutans roam freely and is one of the few worldwide rehabilitation, conservation and breeding sanctuaries for the endangered animal.
Pangkor Island is one of Perak tourism busiest destinations, situated just off the west coast at Lumut the journey takes a relaxing 30 minutes by boat to reach this tropical paradise.
There are an estimated 60 natural salt deposit locations in Belum and they attract a vast variety of wildlife who visit to lick the deposits to obtain some much needed mineral sustenance.
The 117,500 hectares of pristine rainforest has produced a rich biodiversity that has evolved over its 130 million years of existence and 3 out of the 20 known species of the Rafflesia flower can be found in Royal Belum.
This Karst cave made from marble limestone contains an underground river that flows through the base of the cave and it is located in Lembah Tempurung, just south of Ipoh.
The limestone hills that surround Ipoh are punctuated with an enchanting system of caves with some even turned into Buddhist Temples such as Sam Poh Tong and Perak Tong that houses over 40 Buddha statues (Tong means cave in Chinese).
The historical significance of 'the city that tin built' cannot be understated and it is a great location to stay while visiting the many Ipoh tourism attractions in the area.
The fascinating architecture in Ipoh rivals both Georgetown and Malacca with buildings such as the High Court building, St. Michael Institution, Ali Pitchay’s Townhouse, Straits Trading Building, the Town Hall, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building and the Birch Memorial clock tower all having stood the test of time.
Panglima Lane was formerly known as Concubine Lane because in days gone by it was supposed to be the place that local Chinese tycoons kept their mistresses.
Wandering around the old town in Ipoh you will discover a city rich in heritage and atmospheric streets such as Panglima Lane and Hale Street are brimming with history.
The Silver State has a lot to offer the intrepid tourist and is pressing for UNESCO World Heritage Status approval for the Kinta Valley by 2012 which will coincide with the proposed Visit Perak 2012 promotion and be a boost to Perak tourism.
The Perak tourism industry is following suit by seeking the approval of the Kinta Valley, Lenggong Valley, Gua Tempurung and Royal Belum as UNESCO world heritage sites.

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Ipoh Town Hall Perak
Orang Utan At Bukit Merah Sanctuary
Orang Utan Swing On Rope
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Orang Utan Island Bukit Merah
There are discreet observational shelters located at these salt deposits so you do not need to work for National Geographic to get that shot of an endangered species in real life. Scared of tigers? Well, Belum has so many wild boars roaming that tigers are usually so well fed they should not bother the tourists.
Ipoh Train Station Perak
Pangkor Island Beach
The pristine golden beaches washed up by clear blue waters giving romantic sunsets to a backdrop of lush rainforests sets an idyllic ambience that is sure to relax and revitalise even the most stressed of city workers that visit Pangkor Island.
Nature has elaborately carved this cave system out over 400 million years leaving a legacy of astonishing stalactites and stalagmites, rim stone pools, calcite crystals and pillars forming the intricate cavernous architecture
Walkways have made this a tourist friendly site although the avid caver can delve deeper into the labyrinthine system for a closer more detailed view.
Just a 10 minute ferry ride from the lake resort you can view the orangutans before you leave the boat and then as you walk through a 100 metre long caged walkway on Orangutan Island.
It is a great irony that the people viewing these magnificent creatures are afforded less freedom on this island than the orang utans as you cannot leave the caged walkway.

Perak Tourism Industry

Penang and Malacca stole a march on the tourism industry of Malaysia by successfully gaining UNESCO World Heritage Status for respective parts of their historical states and their deservedly bold move is paying off with increased tourist numbers.
This does not diminish the experience as the curious apes allow you many good photo opportunities.
If visiting Bukit Merah Laketown it is well worth taking the time to visit Orang Utan Island.
The UNESCO inspectors will be given a tour of Ipohs historical old town where the heritage trail begins at one of Ipohs most photographed buildings the magnificent Ipoh Railway Station.
The meld of Moorish and Victorian architecture has produced an architectural gem that was first revealed to the world in 1917 and designed by the same architect (A. B. Hubback) who was responsible for the equally ornate Kuala Lumpur railway station.