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Perlis Arts

Traditional Arts In Perlis

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The art of the story teller or Awang Batil is a traditional Malaysian art form performed with a background of percussion, woodwind and sometimes stringed instruments.

Traditionally the story teller would travel from village to village reciting tales of Malay folklore to the sound of a beating drum accompanied by enchanting melody.

It is an entertaining art form and the whole show especially the build up before the narration is very theatrical and a fantastic advertisement for Malay culture.

The advent of the television has made Awang Batil a dying art but it can still be seen in cultural performances from time to time in the state of Perlis.

Terinai is a classical form of Malay dance that originated from the Perlis Royal Palace and is still performed for cultural ceremonial occasions in Perlis to the mesmeric beat of five Gendang Terinai (traditional drums).

Kota Mayang Museum

When planning to locate a museum how many museums in the world have had the good fortune to encounter historical artefacts during excavation works?

Well the building of the Kota Kayang Museum located behind the shelter of a limestone hill between Kangar and Kuala Perlis did just that.

Like a fatalistic sign of perfect museum placement, a beaker, a jar and two polished stone adzes estimated to be 2,500 years old were discovered intact displaying a style signifying the Ban Kao Neolithic culture of ancient southern Thailand and Malaya.

The ancient history of Perlis is recorded here showcasing ceramics, daggers, brassware, ornaments and gold relics as well as highlighting the connections between the Sultanate of Kedah to Perlis Royalty.

Perlis Craft And Cultural Complex

Located in Kuala Perlis the Perlis Craft and Cultural Complex is a great place to purchase traditional handicraft items such as rattan baskets, bamboo, wooden carvings ceramics, pottery, intricate silverware and best of all the Perlis style of hand drawn batik.

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