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Perlis Restaurants

Kuala Perlis Restaurants

Kuala Perlis Laksa

The Kuala Perlis seafood restaurants also have a reputation for serving some of the finest seafood dishes fresh from their illustrious fishermen and customers vote with their cars by regularly driving for many miles just to eat here.

Close to the ferry terminal is the Hai Thien Seafood Restaurant where transient visitors en route to Langkawi can enjoy a fish feast fit for a king for the cost of a paupers breakfast.

The steamed fish served in your choice of sauce is highly recommended at this establishment and the chef can work wonders with crab and giant prawns to say nothing of the sizzling Sambal Belacan, simply delicious and an excellent example of a Perlis restaurant.

The grilled fish on offer at Medan Ikan Bakar is reason enough to travel to Kuala Perlis to sample from the choice of stalls that compete with each other to provide the perfectly marinated and charcoal grilled catch of the day straight to your plate.

You cannot leave this port town without having tried their signature dish Kuala Perlis Laksa. Just head to the jetty where you will find many stalls serving this Perlis speciality consisting of rice noodles dipped in a spiced fish soup with sliced onions, cucumber and local seasoning.

One such outlet that serves a delicious Kuala Perlis Laksa is Restoran Nelayan whose culinary reputation is well known with the local gastronomes.

The Southern Thai Muslim influence on the hawker food at Padang Besar gives a hot but sweet spicy sensation that makes you think did I come here for the shopping or the food?

Many return visitors view the Padang Besar scene as a great gastronomic experience where you can pick up some bargains in the shops as well, impressive? Yes and exceptional value too!

Meanwhile over in Kangar the Sri Petani Seafood Restaurant on Taman Perlis is a popular venue for the local fish foodies of the state capital.

Any visit to Perlis is incomplete until you have tried the exceptionally tasty Harumanis fruit that is the signature fruit of Perlis.

It is a type of Mango fruit only sweeter and more succulent and it can be purchased from the Harumanis Mango Farm at Sungai Batu Pahat close by to Kangar.

Perlis is also home to a large Herb Garden that is situated next to the Bukit Air Recreational Park in Kangar and is home to more than 1,000 species of herbs and spices.

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