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Perlis Padang Besar

Padang Besar is also on the main railway line between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok and it is a popular stop off for tourists travelling between Thailand and Malaysia and even further onto Singapore.

When you arrive at the Padang Besar railway station it is unusual in that both Malaysia and Thailand share immigration facilities here even though it is on the Malaysian side of the border.

Historical influence from Thailand is everywhere in Padang Besar and it is sometimes difficult to ascertain from which side of the border the traders you are conversing with are from such is the similarity in accent and fluency in both languages.

The Malay/Thai influence is evident in the food here as well but there is one common trait throughout all the shopping complexes and market stalls and that is cheap merchandise.

Thousands flock here on weekends and the outlets are fortunate in that they experience a high volume of visitors on both Malaysian and Thai public holidays.

The duty free shop in between the border offers a variety of goods you would expect to see at an airport duty free with cigarettes, liquor, perfume and watches being popular choices.

On the Thai side of Padang Besar (or Pekan Siam as it is commonly known) you can expect to purchase cheap goods including toys, textiles, clothing, handicraft, leather goods, household items, foodstuff, fruits and souvenirs.

However the Malaysian side also offers many of the same type of items by maybe a different supplier.

Wang Kelian is another border Perlis town popular with shoppers from both countries because of a huge market on both sides of the border. The Green Earth Duty Free shop here is also a hit with tourists travelling between both countries.

The Perlis Pasar Malam or night market is very popular throughout the state and in towns like Kangar you can expect to find night markets on nearly every night of the week.

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