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Whether you want to climb or abseil your way through the 38km of limestone hills that is the Nakawan Range in Perlis there is one thing you can be sure of; The magnificent views afforded to the climbers will be matched by the challenge of the next mountain in the precious pearl of the north that is Perlis.

When talking about quality climbing the first place to start in Perlis is Bukit Keteri where the Crown Prince of Perlis and his wife were the first to climb this crag giving a royal seal of approval to any aspiring climbers in Perlis to follow in their illustrious footsteps.

Currently 53 climbing routes have been established and bolted at the northern hill of Bukit Keteri comprising of varying grades for both beginners and advanced climbers.

The northern hill has so far been bolted only on its western and northern face but there is opportunity for a further 100 plus quality climbs to be set up on this hill alone.

The southern hill of Bukit Keteri has yet to be bolted but it offers great potential for future multi pitched routes whereas its northern counterpart has a unique cave system that cuts through the mountain at about 30m offering various holes and overhangs waiting to be conquered.

A large cavern leads to the challenging 'Robot Wall' that offers some technical overhanging climbs for experienced climbers.

The 'Belly Button' wall may not offer the most technical climbs at Bukit Keteri but they do offer possibly some of the best photographic opportunities for climbers in Malaysia. Enjoy!

The Perlis sport and leisure industry does not have to work too hard to promote the picturesque Kelam Cave system to avid climbers.

There are over 30 climb routes available at Kelam Cave on 6 walls and unusually none of the walls have been given names but they are just labelled from section A to section F. Section E is where it is all about for the experienced climber as these are some of the best developed crags in Northern Malaysia.

Located just 8km north of Kangar is the scenic Lake Melati which is a shallow lake populated by over 120 sandbar islands. All sorts of sporting activities take place here including kayaking, trekking, fishing, jogging and even remote control boating.

Putra Golf Club

If you feel the need to swing an iron in Perlis then head to The Putra Golf Club just outside of Kangar where at 6,385m the par 72 eighteen holes with demanding bunkers and mischievous water hazards offers a challenging round of golf for the interested sportsman.

Perlis Motor Sport Club

The Perlis Motor Sports Club was formed in 1996 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts whose mission is to bring motorised sport to the state of Perlis.

The Perlis Motor Sports Club is also the prestigious organiser of the Malaysian Rally with the 2010 rally culminating in Perlis for the final leg of the race on December 11th and 12th. The earlier legs of the race were held in Johor in April, Negeri Sembilan in July and Terengganu in October.

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