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When it opened in 2008 the 1 Borneo Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu became the largest shopping mall in Sabah.
Since this successful opening the company has opened a further 8 stores in Sabah gaining a strong regional market share for their wide range of products and improving the Sabah shopping experience.
Outside of Kota Kinabalu the district of Tuaran welcomed the first G Mart Superstore in Malaysia in January 2009.
Every Sunday morning sees the Gaya Street Tamu (KK's Sunday Market) operate on Gaya Street between 6am and 1pm, everything from Sabahan delicacies, ground coffee, t-shirts, handicrafts and jewellery can be purchased.
Suria Sabah Shopping Mall opened its doors in 2009 besides Jesselton Point jetty and with 700,000 sq feet of retail space it is aiming to become the number one KK shopping mall.
Plaza Mall was opened as recently as 2001 and is situated adjacent to the Kota Kinabalu Central Market. Other Kota Kinabalu shopping malls of note are Warasan Square, Karamunsing Complex, Wisma Sabah and the Wisma Merdeka Complex which is a good place for finding antiques and curios.
The largest Kota Kinabalu shopping mall is Centre Point located next to the bus terminal in the town centre and it offers an ample range of products to satisfy most shoppers.
However it is not just a shopping paradise but an entertainment centre as well, there are restaurants serving gourmet foods as well as some popular bars open until late at night.
1 Borneo shopping mall is a lifestyle mall that has become a firm favourite for both locals and tourists alike with its international brand name shops selling everything any wannabe fashionista could ever desire.
1 Borneo shopping mall is located 7 km south of Kota Kinabalu city centre and a free shuttle bus operates between the hypermall and various strategic locations around the city centre.
Everything you would ever need can be purchased from designer labels to the latest electronic gadgets to local handicrafts and even coveted antiques are available for the savvy consumer to take advantage of.

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Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
Kota Kinabalu Market
The complex covers 23.3 acres of land next to University Malaysia Sabah and consists of 4 international and regional Hotel chains, Condominiums, Auto city, Seaworld and Discovery centre, Handicraft and Cultural Centre, Spa and Fitness Centre, Amusement Centre, Bowling Centre, Cineplex, Bars and Restaurants with Giant Super market as the anchor tenant.

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The best Sabah shopping experience is centred mostly around the state capital where you will find a variety of different Kota Kinabalu shopping malls selling a comprehensive range of goods.
Jesselton Point Kota Kinabalu