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The best way to de-stress after a difficult day at work or while unwinding on your holiday is to visit and indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment at one of the many Sabah spa located all over the state.
The Dalit Bay Spa in Shangri-Las Rasa Ria Resort lives up to its esteemed reputation by delving into the natural philosophy of the mystical land of Sabah itself.
An award winning traditional treatment is on offer at the Jari Jari spa in Kota Kinabalu, it is the Jari Jari spa signature treatment called Dusun Lotud Inan.
Another fantastic Kota Kinabalu spa experience can be enjoyed at the South Sea Sanctuary Spa that has its influences rooted in the ancient Chinese wellness philosophies.
The South Sea Sanctuary Spa signature Aromatherapy Massage is a thoroughly relaxing and invigorating massage that incorporates the wonders of scent therapy through aroma inhalation and absorption of essential oils into the skin by massage.
Using the Jari Jari spa unique massaging technique combined with their age old plant ingredients you will not experience a massage like this anywhere else in the world.
The Jari Jari spa use distinctive massaging technique involving applying pressure with the thumbs to the various pressure points in the body, magically unlocking the flow of energy, releasing tension and relaxing the muscles.
The treatments at Chi spa village are plant based in nature reflecting the cultural heritage of the region, they are energy aware and totally focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.
Probably the most famous spa in Sabah is the Chi Spa Village located at Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa just outside Kota Kinabalu.
There are many treatments you can choose from including one that incorporates the mystical craft of river cleansing coming from the age old tradition of native Sabahan culture.
The soothing serenity of the surroundings and the back to nature green approach allows the Dalit Bay Spa to fully utilise the native wellness rituals and therapies of Sabah.
With the diverse flora of Sabah enticing botanists and scientists from the world over to discover what seems like a conveyor belt of new species it is unsurprising that many of these remedial and therapeutic herbs and spices are being used for beauty and wellness purposes in Sabah spa.

South Sea Santuary Spa

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Face Masker
KK Facial Treatment
It is a massage derived from the Lotud Dusuns, a group from the Tuaran District just north of Kota Kinabalu.
Foot Relaxation Spa

Unwind In A Sabah Spa

The body scrubs utilise traditional Sabah plant ingredients and you can take advantage of their two CHI Spa Signature Therapies-CHI Balance and CHI Herbal Harmony.
The Chi spa village sits on its own island connected to the hotel by a private causeway and consists of 8 villas, each has its own herbal steam room, spacious relaxation area and private changing room.
Where better to start than the winner of the 2009 Sabah tourism award for best spa experience.