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The thriving Sarawak Entertainment industry is a many faceted amalgamation of sports, arts, nature and adventure in Malaysias largest state that is home to a diverse geographical landscape.
The Sarawak river cruise in Kuching is a relaxing way to while away an afternoon or watch the early evening Kuching sunset whilst munching on the sumptuous local cuisine.
The Wind and Fairy Caves close by to Bau about 50 km from Kuching make for an interesting day out for either a picnic and sightseeing or for the more adventurous who wish to test their rock climbing and abseiling skills.
MBO cinema at the Spring Mall in Kuching was the first cinema in Sarawak to add a 3d screen to its complex when the 8 screened cinema opened its doors in September 2009.
The Miri International Jazz Festival is an annual event taking place in the Pavilion Park City Everly Hotel that attracts visitors from all over SE Asia and further afield to witness the regionally and internationally recognised jazz musicians perform over a 2 day period.
Due to the confluence of the Baram and Miri rivers flowing into the sea at Miri the waters are not so clear until you get beyond the tide line when visibility can range from between 25-30 metres in good conditions to only 5 metres following poor weather.
Off the coast of Miri there are a number of dive sites including the shallow Siwa reefs that are closer to the shore than the deeper Tukau shoals as well as some interesting wreck sites including the WW2 Japanese ship Atago Maru that is located 6 km from shore in 14 metres of water.
The Wind Caves are more suited as a picnic destination as there are some rest areas there as well a picturesque shallow river whereas the Fairy Caves offer some exciting external rock climbing and a larger cave system that is worthwhile exploring on foot.
There are many interesting and historical buildings to see on the Sarawak river cruise including the Astana built in 1870, Brooke Dockyard (1912), Kuching State Mosque (1847).

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Further down river are the Old Court House (1874), Square Tower (1879), Main Bazaar (1864), Chinese Museum (1912), Fort Margherita (1879) and the Malay villages of Kampung Boyan and Kampung Surabaya.
Other cinemas throughout Sarawak include the Star Cineplex in Sibu, Star Cineplex in Medan Pelita in Kuching, Star Cineplex in Bintulu, Star Cineplex in Miri and the Lotus 5 Star complex at the Riverside Shopping Mall in Kuching.
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