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As with the rest of Malaysia eating out in Sarawak restaurants is a favourite pastime of the locals who like nothing more than to indulge in the delightful Sarawak cuisine that the largest state in Malaysia has to offer.
Considering Sarawak is home to the worlds largest cave system with a very large number of Swiftlets populating them it is little wonder that the industry of harvesting birds nests for consumption worldwide is flourishing.
Two popular fish dishes for the locals are Salted Terubok Fish and Umai with the latter being popular amongst local fishermen because of its simplicity to prepare on board while working.
The Sarikei Pineapple from the Sarawakian area of the same name is famed for its low sugar level, low acidity and having a natural long shelf life, it is also quite delicious to taste.
There are many speciality foods in Sarawak including staples such as Bario Rice that is grown by the Orang Ulu at elevations of up to 1200m and is considered one of the finest rices available for local consumption.
Local climbers risk life and limb scaling cave walls to retrieve the birds nests that are made up of strands of saliva from the male swiftlet.
The Khatulistwa restaurant has got to be the best sunset dining restaurant in all of Kuching.
There are a variety of local and international dishes on offer including a scrumptiously divine Sarawak laksa that fares well compared to many Kuching restaurants.
The creative architectural style of the Khatulistwa restaurant suggests it is a small museum but upon discovering it is a restaurant affording magnificent views of the Sarawak river it is difficult to pass without sampling the mouthwatering menu.
The Khatulistwa Restaurant on the famed Kuching waterfront is an unmistakeably unique building whose menu is equally remarkable.
Available almost everywhere in Sarawak restaurants because of its popularity is Sarawak Laksa. It is a blended soup containing a rich variety of ingredients including sambal belacan, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemon grass and coconut milk, topped with omelette strips, chicken pieces, seafood, fresh coriander and lime.
One such dish that originates from the Iban community is Manok Pansoh whereby chicken meat is cut into small pieces and pushed inside a bamboo tube together with mushrooms, lemongrass, tapioca leaves and local seasoning.

Sarawak Restaurants

Kuching Waterfront

Sarawak Speciality Foods

Sarikei Pineapple Sweet And Sour
Live Seafood In Aquarium Of Dragon Seafood Restaurant
James Brooks Cafe Kuching
Seafood is an ever popular choice in Sarawak and on the outskirts of Miri is the Dragon Seafood Restaurant whose amply full tanks spoil you for choice with their endless supply of various seafood awaiting their fate on pelagic death row.
The Dragon Seafood Restaurant has built a good reputation over the years and is recommended for a seafood treat when visiting Miri.
The James Brooke Cafe offers delightful garden views of the Kuching waterfront so it makes a great place to relax with an afternoon tea or an iced drink and watch the world walk and float by.
The Lao Yang Kopitiam in Miri town serves more than 40 types of Dim Sum and also features an open kitchen to allow customers to gauge the chefs' culinary prowess.
Lao Yang Kopitiam Miri Town
This highly nutritious and exclusive dish is served in restaurants as Birds Nest Soup and is considered a highly sought after delicacy in Chinese communities worldwide.
Sarawak cuisine is not limited to delicious seafood as the historical influence of being one of the largest islands in the world has bestowed Sarawak with some gastronomical gems to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Sarawak Cuisine

Kolo Mee is a classic Sarawak dish that can be found in Sarawak restaurants, foodcourts and cafes statewide.
It's best to arrive before dusk and take a second floor balcony table to enjoy the semi al-fresco ambience and just sit back and enjoy the magnificent magenta tones of this stunning Sarawak River sunset.
It is then cooked over an open fire sealing in all its natural flavours and produces an aromatic tenderly cooked chicken that will astound your tastebuds.
Khatulistiwo Restaurant Kuching Waterfront
A Kuching restaurant with a view to savour when munching through fine cuisine is the The Waterfront Restaurant inside the Hilton Kuching Hotel. This buffet style Kuching restaurant offers an excellent spread of tasty food including the local favourite of Pansoh Manuk.
Another favourite in Sarawak restaurants is the ever popular Kolo Mee.
The egg noodles are blanched in water then seasoned with local condiments and served with a light sauce accompanied by chicken or pork resulting in a dish that is different from its contemporary noodle dishes because of the lack of dark soy sauce.