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Without taking away the joy your average shopaholic can extract from your up market shopping mall, it is still a shopping mall and most people do know what to expect when they enter eager to find the latest fashion accessory or fresh designer label items worn by famous artistes.
When you look at areas like Kuchings' Waterfront Bazaar or Main Bazaar as it is more commonly known you can feel the atmosphere generated by the history of the street and the architectural beauty of the 2 storey shoplots occupying Kuchings oldest street.
The Kuching Shopping environment received a major boost in 2008 with the opening of The Spring Mall which became the largest shopping mall in Sarawak.
The Kuching Sunday Market located just off Jalan Satok actually starts on Saturday afternoon and finally winds up on Sunday afternoon.
Another colourful local market takes place every day on the pedestrianised Jalan India (India Street) which makes this a great place to wander aimlessly from store to store getting a feel of a real Borneo shopping experience.
Some other Kuching shopping malls available for your shopping pleasure are; Green Heights Mall, Sarawak Plaza, Riverside Shopping Complex, Crown Square, Wisma Hopoh, Wisma Satok and Boulevard Mall that opened as recently as 2007 and hosts a large hypermarket and department store.
The Spring Mall is architecturally designed so traffic can arrive and leave from 4 directions, it has 1,500 car parking bays and the 2 storey mall has 150 retail outlets with the incredible statistic that 50% of these outlets have never opened a store in Sarawak before, confidence is definitely high for this Sarawak shopping paradise of international standard.
The Spring Mall is the first lifestyle shopping mall in Kuching and has become a beacon of hope for the fashion conscious searching for high-fashion labels, entertainment and gourmet food under one roof.
The goods for sale are not just limited to antiques as the tribal handicraft and art items on sale are both extensive and of a fine quality you would expect from the proud artisans of Sarawak.
The best Sarawak Shopping experience has to involve browsing through the antique laden shoplots of Kuchings Main Bazaar where the olde worlde shoplots date back to 1864 but some of the articles for sale are reputed to be even older representing some fine examples of Sarawakian and SE Asia antiquities.

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The volume in sales may well be worlds apart when comparing shopping malls with authentic olde worlde authentic artistic chic, but, both places are as described literally worlds apart when considering atmosphere and the thought process as you venture through said premises.
Only philistines can walk through shopping malls and stand in awe of the beauty and originality of the products on show.
The Kuching Waterfront is home to one such place that can still stimulate the imagination and even if you venture through and do not purchase anything at least your mind will be more enkindled by the goods on show than any weekly trip through your average mall.
Alternative shopping has never felt better, especially with fantastic locations such as the Waterfront or Main Bazaar as it it commonly known.

Alternative Shopping

It is a great place to get a taste of authentic Sarawak, selling local fresh food of all descriptions together with the mouth watering odours emanating from its many varying stalls it is a great Kuching Sunday market experience.

Kuching Market

Inspiration comes from within ones self when confronted by something that can truly stimulate your imagination.