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Because the state of Sarawak is home to some 55 rivers stretching an incredible 3,300 km it is understandable that the Sarawak sport and leisure industry takes great pleasure in showcasing some of the picturesque and exciting stretches for cruises and water sports activities.
Sarawak has a water sport history dating back to 1872 when the 29th February saw the first ever Sarawak Regatta held on the Sarawak River in Kuching and in doing so saw the advent of a cultural and Sarawak sport tradition that continues to this day.
If you have a passion for hiking then Sarawak offers many opportunities for both the serious hiker and those that enjoy a less intense and more leisurely hiking experience.
If looking for a caving experience while staying in Kuching one company called Kuching Caving offers a subterranean experience at 3 locations all of which are no further than 1.5 hours drive from your hotel.
Miri is home to the only international go karting track in East Malaysia, it has been awarded a class 1 classification and measures 1.3 km in length. Both state and nationwide competitions are regularly held in front of its 600 capacity grandstand and there are plans afoot to attract international competitions in the near future.
Alternatively you can venture to Mulu the home of the mother of all cave systems to try some adventure caving and you can choose what level suits your experience from Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced.
Just outside Kuching is the Sikoh Trail that is less challenging with some water crossings that eventually lead to a small waterfall. Another annual mountain bike race of note in Sarawak is the Battle Of Borneo at Mulu which is also a challenging ride.
For those that enjoy the challenge of mountain biking then at the Damai beach resort there is the Damai Rainforest Mountain Bike Track that is home to the annual Rainforest Cup Mountain bike race.
About 45 minutes drive from Kuching is Bako National park that is home to a large variety of trails that will satisfy the most energetic of hikers.
The hike up Mount Santubong takes about 3-4 hours to go up and about 2 hours to descend and will leave you with a sense of achievement if you are successful.
A good Sarawak sporting challenge while staying in Kuching would be hiking up the legendary Mount Santubong which at over 2,500 feet is considered a small mountain. Mount Santubong is by no means an easy hike as in certain areas there are rope ladders to climb and bridges to cross over streams.
Over 300 teams fielding in excess of 6,000 participants annually take to the river to test their aquatic prowess in the Sarawak Regatta with races using boats in the following categories; Balok Boat, Bidar Boat, Kenyalang Boat, Tambang Boat, Kayaks and the ever exhilarating Jet Skis.
The Sarawak Regatta programme include races for traditional longboats and dragon boats with all the local indigenous Sarawakan peoples proudly entering the highly coveted competition that also attracts teams from other regions of SE Asia.

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Miri Go Karting
Mount Santubong Sarawak
Bako National Park
Sarawak also welcomes the keen golfer with some interesting and diverse courses taking advantage of the Sarawakian landscape.
One such golf course is the Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort.
Hole 10 Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club Miri
Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Club Miri
Fairy Cave Sarawak
Sarawak Regatta Kuching Waterfont
Sarawak Regatta
The 2012 Sarawak Regatta drew interest from different quarters when tourists were allowed to participate for a small fee.
The 2km course includes the famed Kuching waterfront and a carnival atmosphere is generated by the throngs of visitors and stalls that line the route.
With its long history Kuching has always been a great place to visit during regatta and the good news is it appears to be getting stronger as each year passes.

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You must register before entering the park but once inside there are many popular and well marked trails to follow including the Kecil Beach and Tajor trails that although traversing dense jungle terrain they also reward you with very many fantastic photo opportunities.
This is considered a difficult track whereby concentration must be maintained despite the spectacular views afforded at some of the tracks locations.
Accurate drives into the fairway are required at this impressive par 72 and 6,802 metre championship course and expect no sympathy from the fast Bermuda Tifdwarf greens. They can be mean mean mean!!!
This is a great course for golf devotees of all standards, go tee off but most of all, enjoy :-)

Sarawak Regatta photos courtesy of sarawakregatta.com
Bako National Park Mangroves
The only way to visit the Bako national park is by boat on the Santubong river.
A cruise here will take you onto the South China sea before you enter the mangroves of Bako.
The saline mangroves of Bako are a spawning ground for many fish and above water the shy proboscis monkey can be spotted here.
Young Probocis Monkey In Bako National Park
Bako national park is a fervent haven for wildlife with regular sightings of monitor lizards, estuarine crocodiles and the mischievous long tailed macaque monkeys.
As in most parts of SE Asia eagles are prevalent in Bako and many other varieties of avian life can be spotted with wading birds and kingfishers being the most common.
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