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WaterWorld Tornado Slide Raft
After climbing the appropriately named launch tower, a 49m tunnel awaits to send the four tube raft riders hurtling towards the 45-degree funnel
The giant funnel has a viewing gallery at the top of its 18m diameter, it is so close to where the tube connects to the funnel it gives you a great opportunity to photograph the grimaces on your friends' faces as they enter the funnel before their descent through the 3m outlet to the landing pool.
If the Tornado Slide dominates the attention of the thrill seekers then the rest of the attractions at WaterWorld @ I City are undoubtedly focused on delivering entertainment to a younger generation of fun lovers.
The Childrens Adventure Pool is a large wet playground with colourful frogs, butterfly's and mushrooms surrounded by a host of fantasy characters from Aladdin and Snow White And The Seven Dwarves are strategically located on the side of the pool giving good family photo opportunities.
As to be expected water is flowing everywhere and the multitude of multi coloured slides and tubes are guaranteed to keep young children entertained for a large portion of the day.
Kids can also enjoy the Rainbow Racer Slide where their competitive streak can be harnessed as they try to speed to the landing pool in first place against their friends.
Other water slides include the Family Raft Slide and the Spiral Slide, however, these are fairly tame water rides aimed at family fun rather than adrenalin pumping speed junkies.
An imposing LCD screen stands out above the Giant Wave Pool and with a sound system raising the decibels it generates a great atmosphere for a day time water party.
As with most water parks there is a river of adventure to float around and there is also an extensive Jacuzzi pool in which to while away the stresses and strains of city life.
There is a store on site offering various water based goods to enhance your WaterWorld experience including water guns, floats, swimwear, sunglasses and suncreams.
Before entry to the park your bags are searched for outside food that is not allowed into WaterWorld. Upon payment for your entrance you can opt to leave a deposit that is programmed into the RFID watch given to wear on your wrist.
When you leave the park your watch is scanned and if there is any balance owed it is paid to you at this point. If you spend past your balance in the park you can top up at any time.
Shah Alam is now the splash capital of Selangor with the November 2012 opening of the new water theme park called WaterWorld @ I City.
The big ride at WaterWorld @ I City is undoubtedly the fearsomely named Tornado Slide that delivers a 30 second jolt of adrenaline pumping stimulation designed to get those endorphins flowing.

WaterWorld @ I-City Location Map

Tornado at Waterworld Water Park i City

The Tornado Video

WaterWorld @ I-City Theme Park

WaterWorld i-City Shah Alam Tornado Slide

WaterWorld @ I-City Theme Park

The WaterWorld @ I-City theme park is located within the grounds of the technology based hub of I-City in Shah Alam Selangor

WaterWorld @ I-City is the latest addition for the splash happy citizens of Selangor with its family orientated water park rides and facilities providing a fun filled environment for all the family. A great day out

WaterWorld @ I-City - Date published: 16/12/2012

WaterWorld @ I-City Star Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars

WaterWorld @ I-City, Jalan Multimedia 7/A, City Park, I-City, Shah Alam, Selangor 40000, Malaysia

Phone: +603-5521-8800

GPS Latitude - 3.06519 GPS Longitude - 101.483241

Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00am - 07.00pm - Sat-Sun 09.00am - 07.00pm

If you choose to purchase food or drinks from the cafe they scan your watch and the credit is reduced by the amount of your bill.
Kids Don't See Race Or Colour, They Just Enjoy
Adventure Water Theme Park
Big Bucket Splash
Big Pool With Giant Screen
Childrens Adventure Water Park
Family Raft Slide
Giant Pool At Water World i City
Giant Wave Pool At i City
i City Giant Jacuzzi
Kiddies Adventure Water Park
Kiddies Slide
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves At i City
Tornado Slide Exit
Tornado Slide Raft

WaterWorld @ I-City Entrance Ticket And Parking Information

WaterWorld Entrance Fee Weekdays: Child: RM20.00
WaterWorld Entrance Fee Weekdays: Adult: RM20.00
WaterWorld Entrance Fee Weekends: Child: RM30.00
WaterWorld Entrance Fee Weekends: Adult: RM40.00
Parking Fee @ i-City: Monday-Friday 6am-6pm: RM1.00
Parking Fee @ i-City: Monday-Friday 6pm-6am: RM10.00
Parking Fee @ i-City: Saturday-Sunday 6AM-6PM: RM1.00 for
1st 2 hours then RM1.00 for each hour thereafter, max RM5
Tornado Water Slide Viewing Platform
Tornado Water Slide
WaterWorld Tornado Slide
Tornado Slide Exit Pool
Rainbow Racer Slide
Water World i City
WaterWorld i City Bag Check
WaterWorld Theme Park i City
WaterWorld i City Entrance
Fountain At WaterWorld i City
Kiddies Twin Slide
Here the raft oscillates between 4 and 6 times up both sides of the funnel producing a weightlessness effect at the peak of each oscillation.
Then gravity takes control and the raft flows through the funnel bottleneck into the landing pool below.