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Selangor Nightlife

Monti Bar at Sunway

Sunway Nightlife

The Sunway resort is home to the Ministry of Sounds first venture into Malaysia and under great fanfare the club Euphoria was borne into an excited Selangor nightlife scene.

Euphoria has definitely brought something different to the clubbing scene with their fresh and some say bold approach.

The arrival of international DJ's spinning the best genres of contemporary dance music, its 2 vibrating dancefloors and its (controversial for Malaysia) move to ban smoking apart from designated areas plus the al fresco terrace of The Deq Hyper Bar have not just got the feet bopping but the chins wagging too;

Can a top nightclub sustain a smoking ban in Malaysias nightclub scene?

Well, so far so good for Euphoria, but people seem to have entrenched views on this subject and it would be difficult for many clubs to replicate with such a high percentage of young smokers to cater for.

The Coco Banana at the Sunway Pyramid celebrated its second year of operation in 2010 and after a packed opening night featuring American Jamaican teen prodigy Sean Kingston it is still going strong drawing large crowds every weekend.

With the ability to attract big names like the Pussy Cat Dolls Coco Banana is now an established venue on the Selangor nightclub scene.

Mutiara Damansara Nightlife

Meanwhile over at The Curve Shopping Mall in Mutiara Damansara The Laundry Bars' passion for good music, good company, good food and drinks as well as an ability to spot some of the best local and regional acts to strut their stuff on stage is proving a winning formula for their management team.

Still at the Curve, The Library is proving to be a successful gastro pub with a tantalising food menu and an extensive drinks menu featuring one of the longest lists of imported beers in Malaysia; they will etch your name into a brass plaque to be hung on the wall if you can sample them all, although I forgot to ask if this marathon feat has to be completed on the same night!

Another cool bar at the Curve is The Sanctuary that is 4 bars all in the same location. The Sutra is the restaurant part serving a wide array of SE Asian cuisine with an emphasis on Thai food.

You can chill out at temperatures between minus 10 and minus 15 at The Ice Bar before retreating to the al fresco bar called Papillon.

Cocoon is the main bar at the Sanctuary that transforms into a party paradise after 10pm with popular DJ's performing nightly and regional and international DJ's featuring at regular intervals.

The Malones Irish bar chain also have an outlet at The Curve that is proving a popular haunt for the after work crowd intent on avoiding the KL evening rush hour.

The Mardi Gras Bistro located at the promenade lakeside in the 1 Utama shopping mall is a hip club that attracts a good crowd and has the only rain podium in Malaysia where dripping dancers strut their stuff in a sexy dance routine.

Malones Irish Bar and Pub

Petaling Jaya Nightlife

The Merchant Pub in The Armada Hotel in Petaling Jaya plays host to some lively performances from both local and international bands where you can unwind at what is reputed to be one of the longest bar counters in town.

If you then fancy some nightclubbing you don't have to go too far as the Armada Hotel is also home to the Wharf Nightclub where you can dance the night away.

The Brussels Beer Café in Petaling Jaya is a classic Belgian style bistro with a menu serving such Belgian favourites as Braised Lamb Shank, Belgium Foot Long Doggies, Moules Mariniere, and their speciality Homemade Belgian Waffles with thick chocolate sauce.

The bar serves a variety of imported chilled beers that is ideal for a refreshing after work drink or an enjoyable night out chatting with friends.

Puchong Nightlife

Meanwhile, over in the bandar puteri business district of Puchong is Wings Music Cafe that is a cosy live music venue whose warm and friendly ambience is rewarded by a consistent regular flow of clientele gracing this fine establishment.

Movida in Puchong Jaya (opposite IOI Mall) is a great venue that serves good pub grub during the lunch hours and evening and turns into a rocking good bar come the midnight hours.

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