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Selangor Restaurants

Only The Best Restaurants Survive The Test Of Time

As in elsewhere in Malaysia one of the hottest conversation starters is about food or where is the current in vogue Selangor restaurant.

Luckily for the gastronomes of the most populous state in Malaysia the competition between restaurateurs here is fierce and market forces usually dictate that only the best restaurants survive the test of time.

If you were to judge by queues for dining then Japanese cuisine is definitely all the rage in Selangor. There are many branches of different Japanese food chains and one dish I am particularly fond of is Yakitori Negimiso which is available at Sushi King. Yakitori Negimiso is grilled chicken in a soya bean sauce and is a very tasty dish.

Sushi King Yakitori Negimiso

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri is a small family business that stood the test of time and its success has seen a further 15 outlets open in Selangor and KL alone after opening its first outlet in Kajang many years ago.

Selangor, well namely Kajang is now renowned for its fantastic satay to which hundreds of satisfied regular returning customers to Sate Kajang Haji Samuri could testify is down to their satays incredible taste and larger portions served with minimal fat. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

A traditional dish of Selangor is Rojak Klang that consists of fried kuih, squid, egg, tofu, cucumber, potato and peanut sauce and is available at many hawker food stalls around Selangor and especially Klang with some serving hot and some cold, my opinion? Hot is better.

Another traditional dish served in Selangor is the mouth watering dessert called Cendol whose recipe is comprised of strands of a Pandan Leaf flavoured dough in a rich coconut milk with shaved ice and a thick sugary syrup.

Additional ingredients sometimes include the all time Malaysian favourite fruit Durian, Red Beans or steamed Rice although this list is not exhaustive the basic dish has served for generations as an afternoon thirst quencher or an after dinner dessert.

Selangor is, if you succumb to the notion it is in effect an expansion of Kuala Lumpur, the most cosmopolitan state in Malaysia.

A consequence of the internationalisation of large cities is the diverse cuisine that is on offer and Selangor is blessed with a plethora of international brand names offering up their culinary prowess to the delighted diners of this gastronomical savvy state.

Petaling Jaya Restaurants

The D' Tandoor Restaurant located in Damansara Utama in Petaling Jaya (PJ) serves a good selection of northern Indian Moghul Cuisine oriented around the many lamb dishes on the menu supplemented by their tasty briyani rice.

Then fresh from the tandoor oven is their exemplary tandoori chicken that can be enjoyed with an assortment of luscious naan breads.

DTandoor Chicken Tikka Masala

For that taste of Tuscany then Italiannies restaurant in Subang Jaya. Forget Domino's or Pizza Hut and get down here for a real taste of how pizza perfection should be served.

Itallianes Pizza

Continuing the cosmopolitan gourmet trail try the Tony Roma's world renowned ribs at their Sunway Pyramid outlet.

I have found the service in the Sunway branch of Tony Roma's to be second to none and the menu guarantees to put a smile on the face of every red blooded carnivorous customer eager to try their slow smoked ribs.

South Sea Seafood BBQ Squid

The nasal ambience generated from Tony Roma's kitchen is a cognitive factor that will heighten your already hungry desire for meat, but, fear not as the portions are huge and even more tasty than they smell.

Tip; Try Tony Roma's bountiful Beef Ribs that have been slow smoked to a tantalising juicylicious perfection.

Subang Restaurants

South Sea Seafood BBQ Squid

For a fish feast fit for a king try South Sea Seafood restaurant in Subang (very close to Subang airport).

Their seafood menu is extensive and the general ambience is very pleasant indeed.

Kuala Selangor Restaurants

The seafood village of Pasir Penambang in historic Kuala Selangor is home to some of the finest fresh sea food restaurants in Malaysian waters. The banks of the Selangor rivers' estuary is lined by numerous seafood eateries with two of these fine Selangor restaurants having garnered a reputation of excellence in aquatic cuisine.

The River View and Jeti restaurants' reputations have increased to tourist attraction 'must eat' dining experiences when visiting Pasir Penambang in Kuala Selangor and diners travelling from KL just to eat there is a regular occurrence.

Both these established Selangor restaurants are built on stilts over the river mouth affording grand views of Melawati Hill, the Mangroves and the various fishing boats navigating their catch back to the riverside kitchens ensuring the freshest meals for hungry diners.

Good dining reputations tend to be earned and not given away easily so you can expect the fresh fish, crabs, squid, oysters, shells, prawns, clams and other seafood delights to be cooked to satisfy your every gastronomic desire. Don't despair if these two favourite Selangor restaurants are full as many of the restaurants here are capable of delivering fresh culinary works of art direct to your river side table.

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